Yen hits 6-week low


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Was Abe quoted as saying "Yes Mr Bernanke"?

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and here I was thinking the yen was going to be in the low 90s before the years end, good thing I don't take the JT financial experts advise or I would have gone bankrupt years ago!

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That was exactly what i posted twice today before publishing this article,when i commented on government plans announced by Abe.I also mentioned Speculators are selling Yen since days,thats what article mentioned as well.Dow Jones today will show which direction dollar is going,there night be sort of correction after strong rally of gains last days.but that will be temporary.

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there are hopes for a decent economic package and hopes about the BOJ..

In other words, the stock market is anticipating that the government will loot further trillions of yen from the taxpayers, and use it to dilute the currency and keep the stock bubble inflated.

No economic package Japan has yet devised consists of anything but supporting the current defunct economy by robbing Peter to pay Paul.

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The yen traditionally dips this time of year when Japanese and ex-pat vacationers exchange yen for foreign currency. Like takin' candy from babies.

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The yen traditionally dips this time of year when Japanese and ex-pat vacationers exchange yen for foreign currency. Like takin' candy from babies. oh of course, and certainly nothing to do with Abes 20trillion stimulus package!?

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Good job nobody holds yen anymore. abe's going to drive it down into the abyss. If you hold any yen, get rid of it today.

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Wish me luck folks im going to try and advice my in-laws to diversify the big pot of Yen they are sitting on. Gonna be fun USD-SF-PS-SPD. why bother but its family, and after they told be i was mad to buy gold in jan 07 maybe they will listen but i doubt it.

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Good luck Kobe! Just get them a nice friendly Swiss Franc Account. You know it makes sense and they'll love you for it in the future when the yen does a Titanic!

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Hey Umbrella

I hear you! Think the best i can do is holding SF in jbank but we shall see, and thanks!

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"Economic forecasts". Such a joke...

"[Financial Instrument] is scheduled to go up. Unless of course... it goes down." If anyone knew there would be no such thing as hedging.

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The end of the month should logically see the yen fall.....

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I've lived here 35 years, have no degree in economics, so I'm only reporting my experience when I change yen for foreign currency EVERY SUMMER (long before Abe appeared on the stage with his voodoo economic hocus-pocus).

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