Yen sinks to new 24-year low against dollar


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Abenomics feat BOJ!

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They say

2000, zero-zero, party over, oops, out of time

So tonight, I'm gonna be broke like it's 1998…………

Good job Japan. Keep that yen as worthless as ever!

Lets see if we can hit the 150 yen to a dollar mark by the end of the year.

That’ll make the bonenkai season a very special one this winter!

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it have good and bad sides.

good side is for one who is paid by usd and than getting jpy.exporters are getting more profits.some japanese goods are cheaper thanks to recent axchange rates.

however there is bad side of this story too.

bad side is that average Tarosan who have dreamed about trip to Hawaii some 4 years ago,but could not take annual 4 or 5 paid days off,could not travel because of covid,now triple vaccinated ready to fly to Honolulu checked his bank account and not so much difference in savings as his salary stayed same,bonus get cut because of covid and when checked prices for trip and also rate found out that is better to travel to Kyoto this weekend instead...this is reality of many here now who use to fill planes for Hawaii,Guam,Saipan or other destinations and now simply cant afford to do that as living costs are getting here here/electricity,gas,petrol,food etc list is very long/.

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Guys I told you since 120yen per dollar to:


Now we reached 140 but our target is 145 after that Japan's bankruptcy might begin if not 200-250 level.

Those guys can't stop printing people are too much in debt. It is better to buy GOLD.

Take care of yourself and your money!

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Sounds to me that it's good for corporate Japan, but lousy for the average Taro looking at higher prices everywhere.

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If the yen becomes too weak it is possible that Japan could start using the US dollar as currency.

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BOJ are the bottom of the bottom in the list of worthless bueraucrats. Just go to hell with your "easy" monetary policy. Hoping for JPY to become worhtless one day.

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King Dollar, love it! My fellow Americans hope you are taking advantage, transfer funds over, use the American CC, let's enjoy while it's here.

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Actually, on my 1st trip to Japan back in July of 98, the yen was at 150 to the US dollar.

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Don’t panic so much, that’s all balancing out. Imports are getting much more expensive, yes, but if no one can afford it and surely no one can anymore, the orders will also soon decrease and they have to lower their dollar prices if they want to sell anything to Japan. If they don’t, they have a strong dollar in the hand, can temporarily buy some Japanese products cheaper, but all the exporters to Japan have to fire their employees , the economy goes significantly down and the dollar sinks and related the Yen rises again. Some sine curves only, just watch where the graph is currently and act at the best point of time on the x-axe.

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I'm not to happy, I don't really deal with dollars much, except for Playstation games and online passes (digital codes from Amazon US). Was casually checking today and saw ¥9,980 for a $70 game....wanted to cry.

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Although it makes imported goods more expensive in Japan, a weaker yen can also inflate the profits of Japanese companies selling products overseas, including major firms such as Toyota and Nintendo.

The writers of these articles forget that most of Japan’s food is imported and contracts are in US dollars for the most part.

Add the 8% or 10% tax on food and it is obvious that the less fortunate in Japan are being put through the wringer!

A weaker yen directly impacts the poorer Japanese and we can expect food poverty in Japan to substantially increase…

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The steep decline has mainly been driven by the differing approaches of the Bank of Japan and other central banks including the Fed, which have raised interest rates to tackle soaring inflation fueled by the Ukraine war.

It is absolutely wild how mainstream news services will just repeat Democrat talking points obediently. If you look at a graph of annualized inflation rate per month, it's been rising steadily since 2021 and had already hit 7.9% in the US by later February when the Ukraine war started. Journalists bemoan the plummeting trust in them from the public, yet more than ever they're making it clear that they're little more than tools of the politically powerful.

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