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Yoshinoya company to start offering Y500 pizzas


Beef bowl restaurant chain operator Yoshinoya Holdings Co said Monday that its subsidiary, Peterpan Comoco Co, will start offering pizza for 500 yen from late September.

Yoshinoya said the first pizza store will open in Tokyo's Suginami Ward, TV Asahi reported Tuesday. The menu will offer five different kinds of pizza (20 centimeters in diameter), including Margherita, for 500 yen.

Yoshinoya said it plans to open 100 pizza shops in five years.

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20 inches in diameter for 500 yen!!?? No way! That's GOT to be a typo. I'll bet it's 20 centimeters (a little less than 8 inches).

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Back in the day, me and my buds (after some buds) would order $5 pizza, full size, and have a blast. Basic ingredients, bread, sauce, and cheese, but they did the trick.

I wonder how these new pizzas will stack up?

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Not sure about theirs.

Got 2 places locally that do 20cm proper pizza's for 500yen.

One is a lunch-service at an Italian restaurant, other is a form of yatai using an old VW-Camper and offers a selection of 22 types(cool-drinks are 100yen).

Yoshinoya here is always empty and looking for staff, matsuya and sukiya outperform them easily.

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20 inches was a typo. 20 centimeters is correct.

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or you can get the frozen readymade ones for 300yen and stick it in the oven for 10 minutes...add your own topping

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I remember the First Kitchen margarite pizzas for about ¥150 yen ten years ago. Those were a good deal.

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dokachinAUG. 13, 2013 - 12:15PM JST or you can get the frozen readymade ones for 300yen and stick it in the oven for 10 minutes...add your own topping

Only 10 minutes? Great! Oh - and 60 minutes to get home from the office at lunchtime. And 60 minutes to return to the office afterwards.

If I had an oven, of course...

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Pizza usually sucks in Japan. Quality, quantity and price are just atrocious.

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Couldn't be worse than those 'Taco Nan' things.

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Hey, I love those 'taco-nan' things way better than taco-rice. ;)

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Gyudon pizza... That's gonna suck!

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It's ME,

To each his own. For me, nan must be fresh off the tandoor, preferably minus damp taco crumbs.

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Get Real.

I agree I also like my nan fresh from the tandoor but found many restaurants are skimpy on the ghee or overbake till it is brittle and dry.

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Too true, It's ME.

I do miss a decent Peshwari nan, but in this weather would settle for a pistachio kulfi : )

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500yen for 20cm pizza is actually a good deal without the wait. But Yoshinoya is one of those late night/earning morning cravings kinda place so I'm not so sure about choosing pizza over gyudon. Getting a bowl of gyudon and miso after being drunk all over is excruciating yet satisfying.

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I love hearing news like this. A super-cheap competitor means that the rip-off mainstream places like Dominos might lower their prices one and for all -- as opposed to the current practice of rip-off prices with the occasional "time service" kind of discount. I wish this new endeavor well!

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The Hot Mexican from Big Bear's was my fave.

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Says a lot for the future of rice consumption in Japan and the future of the rice industry. People just aren't eating rice like they used to. There is a lot more choice out there than there used to be. Why have rice three meals a day when there are plenty of other foods which taste just as good. Variety is the spice of life. Wonder what spices they will be putting on their pizzas?!

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Actually, the Napoli in Kichijoji has ¥500 pizza at lunch time. Big, very tasty, affordable pizza.

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I like 'Napoli' and their Pizza, there is another small place behind Yodobashi that sells 500yen pizza from a VW-bus and offers 22 choices.

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