Zipair to become 1st budget airline to link Asia with North America


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There have been budget flights between North America and Europe for decades, so why not between Asia and North America?

I was reading today that United Airlines is planning to restart supersonic passenger flights between Asia, North America, and Europe, beginning in 2029. Price for a ticket? About $5,000., one way.

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If I have to travel to North America, I will look into this. Besides the low price from a discount carrier, I also request a smooth flight, a safe arrival, and not losing my luggage.

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garypenNov. 13  04:09 pm JST

Their "Full-flat" seat, which appears to be the equivalent to the majors' "Business Class", is cheaper than the major's "Premium Economy", even when adding the extras. 

Definitely something to consider

Brand spanking new 787. Leather fully flat seat. Better than many of the majors. More footspace than United's Polaris, Delta's One Suite, for example.

Bring your own pillow though.

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When they get Vancouver to Narita, or even better, Vancouver to Haneda, I'll check them out.

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Their "Full-flat" seat, which appears to be the equivalent to the majors' "Business Class", is cheaper than the major's "Premium Economy", even when adding the extras.

Definitely something to consider.

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Love Zipair. Flew their biz class from Hawaii. Great price compared to the others.

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@50th_State North America is a continent and not a country and Canada is included in it.

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I just priced out a regular ticket on Zipair, and it was not so much less than the regulars. The only thing that was deal breaker was the fact that you couldn't bring your own snacks on board. The only thing with this is that I have kids, and kids like munchies, especially on long hauled flights.

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There is hope for competition on trans pacific routes.

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27,500 yen one way? That's comparable to Air Asia's southeast Asia routes. I'd be inclined to use zipair versus Delta or United just for the price.

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LCC airline Air Asia X used to fly Kansai to Honolulu from way back in 2017 (not anymore though) so I thought the article title is wrong since Hawai'i is Noth America.

But then I got confused because geographically it's located outside of US mainland...

Sorry, I just couldn't help mentioning this because I still see people who think Hawai'i is a US territory like Guam and I'm not comfortable with it.

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The extras for a decent flight will be sure to bring the price up...

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This is great news. For decades the big airlines have been ripping us off on trans-pacific flights while we knew such low budget and reasonable fares were being offered on trans Atlantic flights.

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