¥185,000 worth of cherries stolen from Yamagata farm


Police in Yamagata City are investigating the theft of 60 kilograms of high-grade cherries worth about 185,000 yen from a farm.

According to police, the owner of the farm in the Urushiyama district of Yamagata, a man in his 70s, discovered the cherries had been stolen at around 11 a.m. on Monday, Sankei Shimbun reported. The thieves stole cherries from 12 of the 14 trees and targeted two of the most expensive varieties: Sato nishiki and Benishuho. Police said the high-grade cherries appeared to have been ripped from the branches.

The owner said he last checked on the trees on June 13.

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It's not really surprising when they charge those prices for home grown fruit.

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This kind of theft seems to happen a lot in Japan. Apples, pears, cherries and rice. It’s one thing that they get stolen, but they are also retailers buying and distributing them. The retailers must be aware of the dubious origins, but purchase them anyway.

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I have said it before and I will say it again.

Get a dog!!


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Where I live nothing ever happens (almost)

A few years back, a drunk office worker was walking home, took a short cut and decided

to knock off one water mellon. He got caught and his name, job and where he lives was all

printed in the local news. Poor guy probably lost his job and probably moved houses.

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These type of crimes actually occur more regularly than one might assume, and are periodically reported on here.

People should consider what type of Japanese people (it's likely that it wasn't a lone individual) would do this, considering that (1) it goes against the basic outlook of most Japanese citizens, and (2) to successfully pull off these type of massive heists actually requires a certain amount of organization/equipment and experience in stealing/ripping people off.

There's only really one organization in Japan that puts immense pressure on its members to pay a monthly fee to its headquarters. Paying fees (the more the better) is also basically the only way to move up in this organization.

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That is just awful for the farmer. A lot of care and effort is required to grow any kind of crop.

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they will turn up in Ameyoko.

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In summary, someone popped off with the cherries of a man in his 70s.

I’m guessing it was the first time someone had made away with his tasty crop.

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poor farmer. My family grows citrus fruits in our front yard and sometimes people passing by would steal some of them much to our anger. If you've ever tried to grow crops, you'll know how much work gets put into it only to be stolen by someone.

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