1-year-old boy hit, killed by car; driver arrested


Police in Nagoya have arrested a 23-year-old man on suspicion of dangerous driving resulting in death after he hit and killed a one-year-old boy on Sunday.

According to police, the incident occurred at around 6:15 p.m. in Chikusa Ward, while the boy was walking home with his parents along a narrow road, Fuji TV reported. The car had just pulled out of a parking lot when it hit the child.

The road was only 5.8 meters wide, with no center line and no sidewalk. The boy’s mother said she took her eyes off her son who was walking behind her just a few seconds before the car hit him.

The boy, Sonosuke Hosoe, was taken to hospital with severe head injuries but died shortly after arrival.

The driver of the car, Juriki Imanishi, was arrested at the scene of the accident. He was quoted as saying he didn’t see the toddler in from of him.

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Now come on for a second, while its tragic that the child was killed, why was he walking behind his mother, unattended, when he is just 1!? Even if he was a quick learner he had only been walking for like a max of 6 months before this, even 3 year olds arent stable for long periods of time.

Case of negligent parenting not necessarily bad driving. A 1 year old is like the height of a 14 inch tire, there isnt any way to notice that if it just walks out in front of you. Especially at 6:15pm at night, when its already pitch black outside...

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A sad case in which everyone suffers.

I cant possibly say that the driver wasnt solely to blame for hitting the child, but what on earth was the mother thinking?

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100% the parents' fault. Letting a one year old who can barely walk straggle behind you while you both look ahead? I feel sorry for them, to an extent, but moreso for the driver. Those roads are bad enough as it is, and I've no doubt he couldn't see the kid who probably isn't even as high as the bumper.

11 ( +12 / -1 )

So I just watched a video on the news showing the accident scene, and it seems as if the driver was driving a BMW X2(?) maybe which has a long nose (decreasing visibility). The family had come out of their mansion entrance and were going to the car park when the car hit their kid on the front right of the car.

The sad thing though, is that right where the accident happened, there was an electrical pole. I guarantee that he didn't see the kid because the kid was likely walking behind the pole, lost balance, and stumbled into the road as the car was approaching the pole. With that visibility on the front of the car, the dimly lit road, and the pole, there just wasnt a chance for the kid, and the guy literally had no way to see the child.


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Arrest the parents too! They are equally to blame.

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Fingers can be pointed back and forth as to who is to blame BUT the bottom line is a one year little boy is dead. All else will work it self out in the courts. RIP young one.

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The story says "parents", so I hope the boy was behind or in front of the father. Simply saying "behind the mother" makes it sound very bad. It does happen in Japan, but is not necessarily the case here with the information given.

It is already very dark at 6:15pm. Be careful out there, everyone.

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I don't understand these parents. The kid is only one you must hold their hands.

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I had an almost identical situation happen to me quite a few years back. Driving on a narrow street, a child around 3 years old suddenly burst out of a parking lot ten meters or so in front of me. All I could do was swerve. Barely missed him. Didn't even see someone near him as I looked in my rear view mirror. He just sat at the side of the road crying. I kept going as I had not touched him but obviously he was scared and probably realized what had just occurred.

A one-year old child should NEVER be left to walk on the street by itself. The driver may be at fault too but the parents are definitely guilty of gross negligence. What could you possibly be thinking letting a toddler walk along a road with no sidewalk where cars, possibly big trucks, motorcycles, etc use regularly? Hold the kid's hand mom and/or dad! Put him on your shoulders dad!! Make him as visible as humanly possible!!! Boggles the mind.

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A one year old walking unattended on a road!?

the poor driver. He has to live with the poor boys gross negligence. The parents should be charged with manslaughter

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I don't understand why, in Japan, they always seem to arrest the driver every time there's an accident that is clearly the pedestrian's fault -- or in this case, the parents'.

How is it "dangerous driving" when you're just driving down the road, following all the rules and staying within the speed limit, and someone on foot or on a bike suddenly bolts out in front of you?

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After deliver the primary responsibility of motherhood is insuring the safety of the kiddos. Depending on others to care is counter productive for survival.

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Actually I just renewed my license a few months ago and we had to watch a video as part of the lecture. The main topic was how to be cautious of pedestrians that suddenly shoot out in front of you as cars hitting pedestrians is on the rise. I often have to drive super slow on narrow roads as I never know what could happen. A one year old on this type of road should either be carried or in a stroller/push bike.

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Charges should be dropped on the driver unless the drug tests showed impairment.

Sad for the parents, nothing more to be done. They already know.

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I see it pretty often that a small child is walking by himself behind a parent, toddlers standing at an intersection and parent not holding hands, running next to mlm

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kohakuebisuNov. 26  06:27 pm JST Simply saying "behind the mother" makes it sound very bad. It does happen in Japan, but is not necessarily the case here with the information given.

It's Japan and the care of children is almost always solely the responsibility of the mother and it's Japan so in all likelihood the father was walking in front.

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complacent parent plus inattentive driver equals unfortunate death

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Wait a second. I'm sorry... my heart hurts for those who lost this little one but... the mother admitted "taking her eyes off of" a 1-year old. 10 minutes or 2 seconds... doesn't matter... a 1 year old on any road with cars belongs in her arms, in a stroller, or at the very least walking next to an adult on the inside away from the road and the hand being held.. tightly... if they must be walking.

There's the life of a 23 year old ruined by not only these asinine charges but the guilt he will forever feel for the misplaced blame of killing a 1 year old child.

Either the parents need to be right beside him for involuntary manslaughter (or voluntary stupidity resulting in manslaughter SMH) or the charges against that kid need to be dropped. I hope he has a good lawyer.

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