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10 dead pigeons found in cardboard box in Tokyo’s Tama City


A cardboard box containing 10 dead pigeons was found alongside bushes on a road in Tokyo’s Tama City on Monday, police said.

Police received a call around 1 p.m. from a passerby who found the box, broadcaster NTV reported.

Police said they are analyzing surveillance camera footage to try and find out who left the box there and said the perpetrator may face arrest for violation of the Wildlife Protection Act.

Police did not say how the pigeons died.

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I was out for a walk in Singapore on a very early Sunday morning a few years back... saw an old man feeding pigeons, all of a sudden he grabbed one, twisted its neck, shoved it in a bag and quickly walked off. I'm thinking that pigeon might have been lunch. These 10 pigeons may've been for a dinner party but someone saw the person so he/she left them behind. Who knows... sometime wish I were a detective, it might be interesting trying to figure out how those poor pigeons ended up that way.

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Pigeon killers must be punished..

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Maybe they were sacrificial offerings.

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The killing of pigeons is illegal.

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City pigeons-Rock Doves ( Kawarabato or Dobato ) can not be killed. Turtle Doves- Kijibato can be killed as they are listed as game birds.

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There’s plenty more where those came from

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Rock Doves are allow to be killed by Rice farmer during planting. And yes they are eaten after the ferral pest is killed. I am not sure how the law came about. I assume that shito declare them scared after the war.

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