10% of women surveyed say they have been victims of stalking


One out of every 10 women in Japan have been the victim of stalker behavior at some point, with 28.9% feeling their lives were in danger, according to a survey by the Cabinet Office.

In the survey conducted last December, 5,000 adult men and women throughout the country were asked if they had ever been stalked. TBS reported that 10.5% of women said they had been stalked at least once in their life, and of those, 28.9% said they had feared for their lives. Of the male respondents, 4.1% responded that they had been stalked.

Of the women who responded, 39% said that their stalker had been a former boyfriend or partner, 21% said that the individual was an acquaintance, and 20% answered that their stalker had been someone from work or their part-time job.

However, despite the large number of women who have reported being stalked, the Cabinet Office said that 60% of local police forces do not have departments specifically designed to deal with such cases.

As such, the national government is devising plans to increase the number of police investigation units and consultation centers.

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And 100% of men say they have been victims of assault and battery.

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Arcieres, I understand your point of view. However, I think it is also a police matter. What bothers me is people thinking its entirely a police matter and expecting the police to be able to handle it 100 percent or largely by themselves. They can't. They can't be there to hold people's hands all day long. People need to be more proactive with their own problems and hire P.I.s , body guards, ask friends and family for help, put bars on windows, take pictures, record conversations, and stuff like that.

With an issue like this, the police cannot help people unless they also help themselves.

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As I know the percentage of stalking is higher in western countries. Anyway, I think stalking is not a police business; its business of the girl's family, her boyfriend, brother or friends; besides she is the first should do something about it, like being more clever, clear, firm, demure and maybe changing her behaviour. Im against the way these themes are managed now a days, something is bad here.

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Stalking in Japan is fighting not to loose someone you care about. Like calling them after a break up and trying to appologise. Stalking is rediculously claimed far too often in Japan. If there wasn't so many silly childish cases from people going through a normal breakup, maybe the J-Police could actually have the time and resources to save people that have REAL stalking issues..

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Personally, I think the number of drama queens out there is somewhat larger than ten percent, so I am quite surprised that the number of positive responses to a mere poll question like this was not higher!

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People are weird. i was semi stalked (only semi because it din't really get threatening, just weird. Hung around outside my building, left food in the mailbox or at reception, called number often etc. Eventually gave up after weeks of no response from me. But was odd.

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Taking stalking into account along with the number of violent assaults against women demands more attention by police. It would be nice to see the police take more of an interest in this social problem.

I remember there was this young Japanese lady in one of my classes who was constantly fiddling around with her cell phone. I told her that it wasn't appropriate for her to use it so often. After class one day she came up to me and told me in private that she had a very possessive boyfriend (Japanese) who demanded to know where she was every moment of the day and he would get really upset if she didn't immediately respond to his calls or text messages. She went on to tell me that she wanted to leave him but she was afraid to because of his violent temper and what he might do if she left him. Sad story and there are probably more women out there with this type of problem than statistics indicate.

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I was briefly stalked by an ex girlfriend. She actually bought a box of cereal and put it on my doorstep when I wasn't home. I don't think she meant to make a "cereal killer" joke, but I hate the cereal just the same.

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This horrific number only shows the disturbing mental state of the Japanese men.

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Only 10% of women surveyed said they had been stalked? I'm wondering which demographic these women come from. If they were to survey women between 16 and 35 years old I'm sure the number would be much higher, especially in the mid-20's. Just about every young woman I know has been stalked by an ex, a fellow student or a work colleague. Everything from 40-50 emails a day to waiting for them at the station. It's really pathetic what these young guys get up to!

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Problem is, stalked persons doesn't want to report it ASAP to the police for some reasons I.e, Mendoksai.. And if ever reported, the police assigned to follow and investigate are too busy reading their magazines and sipping tea in their boxes. Following it up is MENDOKSAI to them. A word uttered habit in Japan. har.. har.. har..

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Wasn't my fault! I know she doesn't remember being dressed in a Jeanie outfit and dancing for me on Halloween, I just wanted to see her again!

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What was the criteria used in determining what stalking is? Was it just these people's feelings that determined this or was it based on real evidence? I can tell you a situation back in the early '90's where a slightly unusual girlfriend practically invited that behavior due to her own strange behavior: we had been going out a few weeks but one day, out of the blue, she wouldn't answer the phone or open the door. Last weekend everything was fine but now I'm getting the cold shoulder? Went to her place a few days in a row and talked through the door but there was no reply and I eventually gave up. She could easily claim I was stalking her but, believe me, I was not as I didn't even know we had broken up. She's probably someone's psycho ex-wife now.

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CGB Spender If someone stalks you, stalk him back!

Not really the best of advice there. For one thing, stalkers want attention and by stalking them back you give it to them, thereby validating their initial stalking. For another thing, what business does any stalker have engaging in behavior that forces you to respond to them in order to deal with it? Is it really so hard to leave someone alone when they say they aren't interested in you?

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If someone stalks you, stalk him back!

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Yes the police were handing out little LED torches with 90 decibel buzzers to young women, for free, at Kokura Station last week. My wife picked one up for me. Ok its pink but should come in handy for lots of things. So it does seem women out there are afraid for some reason and the authorities believe a problem does exist.

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I'm a male, but was stalked by a woman. And telling the woman you're totally gay seems to have no effect at all, or is beside the point, or is irrelevant or something. I still don't understand it.

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