10 outdoor surveillance cameras installed at home where parents confined daughter


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give them life in prison

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They admitted to leaving her body at home, saying they wanted to keep her close to them because she was "adorable."

Ok, got it. They're the crazy ones.

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give them life in prison

Better - just stick 'em in that room with the door locked, heat off, and a hamster-style feeding system. Might make 'em reconsider.

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give them life in prison

In the same room and conditions that they kept their daughter in, and only give them one meal a day to share between them!

It's times like this that I believe in punishment in kind!

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That is quite horrific.. 15 years of constant isolation slowly weakening and starving in an unheated box, one can only wonder how the woman coped with that kind of hell. In this case, I would say death was a mercy

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Now they get to enjoy sitting seiza-style in a 3sqm room with no heating.

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this case/crimei is baffling. if they really wanted to kill their daughter, why didn't they do it a long time ago? they could've just starved her to death 15 years ago. why build the special room with a toilet but without any heating? a part of me thinks the parents actually loved (in a strange way) their daughter but had no way out. they couldn't afford or didn't want to send her to a mental institution so they kept her at home. they knew it was wrong but once they did it for a few years, they felt like they had to continue doing it. maybe it just snowballed from there? 

a bigger part of me thinks the parents were also a bit mentally ill.

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A 33 year old woman weighing 19Kg, and 15years in a room 3 Meter s square, some water through a tube from out side?!!? I am sorry but that is torture, one of my little dogs weighs 10 Kg what is wrong with people? I would say that her parents are the ones with mental health issues here, this is so wrong on so many levels.

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But locked up like an animal? They "parents" are sickos

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They admitted to leaving her body at home, saying they wanted to keep her close to them because she was "adorable."

Broken! Just lock these loons up and throw away the key! I wonder if they had any other 'pets'.

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19Kg! Dear god my Labrador weighs more than that!

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If only police was smart enough to install cameras everywhere to prevent such inhumanities...

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Truly one of the most horrible things I’ve seen in the news. When this was being shown on the TV last night, I had the sound off and assumed it was some sort of yakuza compound, with all the cameras and high walls. What did the neighbors or the local koban think? Definitely not a normal home.

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Disgusting people. Words cannot do this horrible story justice. Speaking of justice, with the bizarre justice and sentencing system in Japan God knows what the punishment will be. As little as 5 or 6 years in jail wouldn't surprise me.

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They should be sentenced to life in the same conditions they kept their daughter.

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Where were social services during the 15 years ? The daughter went to school or institution before that, and if she was disabled, they had records about it for school, for social security, for any other administrative stuff. That's not even the first, nor the second, nor the tenth such case that a family abucts a relative and never gets checked.

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Wishful thinking, agency can't act till an alarm is raised which didn't happen in this case.

The government/agencies won't do swat till they get an alert.

Just how things work now.

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Mental health care in Japan isn't great.

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After 15 years in isolation, even if she didn't have a mental illness to start with she sure would have by the terrible end. Even in prisons, isolation / solo confinement is controlled, and prisoners are given time out of the room for mental wellbeing.

Had I a choice I'd say give the parents the same room.

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Pure evil.

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What kind of parents they are? do they have a heart? Or sympathy to their own daughter!? I think its good for this girl she die, so she won't suffered anymore. RIP ....

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That was murder with aggravated circumstances!They deserve to die!

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