101 elementary schools in Hamamatsu closed due to bomb threat


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Who wants to bet that it was a disgruntled employee who wanted the day off (most likely to play pachinko)?

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I worked on the same floor with a small cram school. Several times a year, the cram school was evacuated and police would knock on our door asking if we had seen anyone plant bombs or bomb-like devices.

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Plant cameras....the only way to see who's planting bombs! More cameras, they don't lie!

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What is going with adults that are so many boom threats at schools now days. even here in America,we parents and grandparents are afraid to sent the kids to school to learn and have bring because of a fool who so dum that have pick the kids that is pretty sick.

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Didn't someone do this just a few weeks ago...turned out to be a disgruntle teacher who was angry about having to work on Saturdays

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Sadly, with the amount of nutcases running around they have to take these threats seriously.

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Authorities acted after a man telephoned to claim he had planted an explosive device at an elementary school in the city, a local police spokeswoman said.

... in this day and age any police department that can't trace the source of that call within 20 minutes is a disgrace. Simply phone the telephone company, say that its an emergency and there's been a bomb threat and ask them for the number of the person that called xyz number at abc time. If its a landline then ask them for the location, if its a cell number then phone the cell company and ask them to triangulate its location.

.. and your "anonymous" tipster is now known. Go and pick them up for questioning while the rest of the department investigates the bombs.

Honestly this "Oh dear! We have no idea who this person is!!" is pathetic. Even if its a burner phone the cellular company will have logged which towers it was in contact with, and can retroactively triangulate where the person was when they made the call.

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Frungy, what makes you think they didn't trace the call? You do realize those sort of things aren't reported until they catch the person so that the investigation isn't compromised, right? It's extremely easy to immediately leave the location you phoned from and not get caught.

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In the history of bomb threats worldwide, I cannot think of a single one that turned out to be true. If you're disgruntled enough to plan, build, and then plant a bomb, you're not going to call and tell anyone.

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