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11-year-old boy in critical condition after being hit by car in Saitama


Police said Sunday that an 11-year-old boy remains in a coma after he was struck by a car in Saitama City on Saturday evening.

According to police, the incident occurred in Urawa Ward at around 5 p.m. TBS reported that the boy was riding his bicycle on a crossing when he was hit by a car. Police said he sustained severe head injuries and remains in a coma.

The driver of the car, who has been charged with reckless driving, was quoted by police as saying that the boy seemed to come out of nowhere.

There are no traffic lights at the crossing.

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Not enough detail. And for those quick to blame the driver in this case, keep in mind he will be charged whether it was his fault or not, and also keep in mind that people in Japan, not just kids, rocket around corners and suddenly veer across the road without a care in the world or looking before they do. I walk or ride to work every day and I see it ALL THE TIME. Cyclists don't follow even the simplest of safety laws, in a number of cases, let alone don't wear helmets (some more professional cyclists do, to be fair).

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kids will always be kids, its the adults who must always be on guard for something like this.

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I agree with disillusioned.

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I feel very sorry for this 11 year old boy, but I do have to say, Japan is just one accident after another waiting to happen! First, many drivers drive way too fast! Second, they do not pay attention. Third, you have young, idiot kids running out into the streets, thinking that by RAISING THEIR HANDS at some cross walk, magically all the cars will suddenly stop?? I saw this the other day here in Tokyo, stupid kid ran into a huge intersectioin made many cars slam on their brakes, if I was his mom or dad, time to slap the crap out of that kind of idiot kid!

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Cyclists are as much a nuisance as anything in Japan. The amount of times I've seen people listening to music while riding, texting while riding, or just going out into the road without care or attention is shocking...

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I hope that the boy recovers quickly and completely.

Without more information it's impossible to tell who is at fault, but as mentioned above the driver will be charged unless there are witnesses who back him up, and probably even then...the bottom line is almost always that if a driver hits someone it's professional negligence at least: he/she should have been driving in such a way as to avoid hitting anyone, regardless, is pretty much the default attitude.

There were no lights at the intersection, which ideally should have made the driver more cautious. In recent years it has become noteworthy when cyclists actually stop at red lights, so extra caution is advisable at intersections which have none.

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I agree with disillusioned. Wearing a helmet is common sense. I agree with Crazedinjapan. Sometimes the drivers are careless but people should also take into account the possibility of the pedestrians being careless as well. It feels like the pattern of "whoever receives more damage is the victim." is at play. If the driver had swerved, crashing into a building or something and dying, the kid would probably be being criticized right now. There are a few things I dislike about Japan and this is one of them. The laws are sometimes really stupid. Though they should have slow down signs or something of the like around places with no traffic lights or at least the drivers should slow down at corners and intersections a little and check. Not saying they're in the wrong but one side being careful is better than neither since many accidents can be avoided if people do so. The same with the cyclists/pedestrians who should slow down and check at crossings
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It's true people here in Japan have no fear of death when walking or riding their bike. It's not that i don't feel sorry for the boy but people especially children would dart out in the middle of the street. They could be wearing all black passes out in the middle of the street drunk abd if you hit them it's still your fault. Laws here favors the pedestrian which are doing the wrong things the majority of the time.

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People who don't drive have no idea what the obstacles are here in Japan when driving. As a long time driver here, I have many many near-accidents from pedestrians or cyclists. People here are so fearless and could care less if they are riding in the middle of the road.

3 times a pedestrian walked into the side of my car. Once a bicycle crashed into the side of my car. When I got out to see if they were ok, they were long gone.

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I think, bad drivers are always high speed a straight line but they often turn right difficulty due to lack of skill!! As you know, Japan’s road traffic rule is a keep to the right therefore right turn timing make a timely to thread coming car way. If a poor skill driver’s car drive ahead of you, then you wouldn’t go to turn right so long time but you really surprise this car because this car will be unbelievable high speed as soon as enter to a straight road. Good drivers are not only safety a right turn with smoothly but also safety speed on a straight road.

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Much as everyone tries to nlame the driver , ive had numerous times when cyclists have rocketed out onto the street in front of me. Keep in mond the driver is always going to be charged here in japan unless he/she is fortunate to have witnesses come forward. 11year old children arent always paying attention

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An 11 year old is 'supposed to be' wearing a helmet and if he was, he 'may' not be in a coma right now. This is the second kid cleaned up on a crossing in a week.

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Things always come out of nowhere when you're not paying attention idiot.

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Why do they even have crosswalks in this country. The drivers here are so impatient and never stop for anyone.

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