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110 fire hose nozzles stolen in Mie Prefecture


Police in Kuwana, Mie Prefecture, are investigating the theft of 110 fire hose nozzles from fire stations. The total amount of damages amounts to approximately 780,000 yen, police said.

According to police, the fire station in Tado first filed a report on April 14 that seven fire hose nozzles had been stolen, NTV reported Saturday. Since then, 15 successive incidents involving stolen hose nozzles and property damage through May 21 have been reported.

Similar robberies have occurred in the surrounding areas around Kuwana, police said.

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What would you do with 110 fire hose nozzles? Create some new art? Weird crime.

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Most likely they were stolen for the raw metal value.

Same reason copper power-lines are stolen, melt them down and sell as scrap metal. Also common for coins.

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They must have a local Pikey camp.

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The big news during the week was that hundreds of those large copper name plates are being unbolted from bridges around Matsue. Sounds like the same philosophy at work, ie take the local communities for anything strippable.

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Steeling metals is a pretty common crime in Japan. A couple of years ago there were hundreds of stainless steel barrier pipes stolen from around Tokyo. My guess is, these sort of crimes will increase as Abenomics hits home and the poor get poorer.

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Look at the Chinese owned junk yards ..

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@ Khulifi - right, because it couldnt possibly be Japanese criminals doing this ?


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There was an ex-boy band popstar arrested for stealing a spool of copper wire from a construction site in Tokyo a few years ago. Its never who you expect I guess.

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With Copper and Brass scrap prices going through the roof, these easily stolen items in low securitiy areas are prime targets. I saw on the news the other day where the pedals of pianos at day care centers (solid brass) were being stolen at a pretty fast clip.

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Steeling metals

Nice pun, even if unintended :-)

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