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1,200 evacuated after British School in Tokyo gets bomb threat


About 1,200 people, including students, staff and people in the neighborhood were evacuated on Thursday after the British School in Tokyo's Shibuya Ward received a bomb threat.

At around 2:40 p.m., a staff member of the school answered a phone call from a man, saying in English that he had planted a bomb in the school, Fuji TV reported.

Students from the British School and adjacent schools were evacuated as if it was a fire drill. Police conducted a search of the school but found nothing.

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Its sickening that this kind of stuff started in Japan .

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They haven't shared with us the kind of accent the man spoke with. Maybe the person who answered the phone was unable to identify if it was a native speaker or a non-native speaker. I hope it was just another isolated incident by a disgruntled and off-kilter local resident.

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There have been quite a few of these incidents in recent months, mainly at Japanese schools, forcing them to cancel festivals on weekends. The Ritz-Carlton hotel in Tokyo also had a bomb threat on Christmas eve. I guess this is how some sickos get their thrills.

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All phones need to be video phones so you can see the caller.

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This man is just trying to let the Japanese population fall because he hated Japan but actually there's nothing happen. Whatever it is, please stay safe, Japan!

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All phones need to be video phones so you can see the caller.

uhhh...then these weirdos would just wear a mask when they make bomb threats?!?!

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This is a big nuisance... I can't understand why people would do that..

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Apparently this was worldwide today. England, France, Australia all had a lot of school evacuations. A group called " the evacuation squad" is claiming most of them. Odd.

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huh bomb threat ......

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I hope it was just another isolated incident

All foreign schools in Japan are targetted by threats probably of multiple unrelated sources. On 9/11, and after actual attacks on Korean school students, the police have put them on the same risk level as Embassies and they have kept the measure permanently. Most theats are just pranks. But there can be 10000 prank calls and one real... So the police intervenes even if they are 99.99% sure it's for nothing.

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