13 gas stations robbed in Chiba during 5-day period


Thirteen self-service gas stations have been robbed in Chiba Prefecture in November and about 2.5 million yen was stolen in total, police said Thursday.

According to police, the 13 gas stations in Chiba, Ichihara, Mobara, Asahi, Ryuzan and Kisarazu Cities in Chiba Prefecture were robbed by groups of men at night between Nov 18 and 23. The groups broke the cash payment machines.

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I wonder if there is a connection?

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Sure is conmnection the way crooks are walking around only looking after their own pockets. The time for 'Bandidos' is right now.

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I wonder if having armed gunmen, ready to shoot dead this scum bags would help deter these petrol filling station robberies in Chiba prefecture and elswhere?

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