13-year-old boy on bike dies after being hit by truck driven by 83-year-old man


Police in Shimotsuma, Ibaraki Prefecture, said Sunday they have arrested the 83-year-old driver of a truck that hit and killed a 13-year-old boy who was riding a bicycle.

According to police, the incident occurred at around 6:15 p.m. Saturday. TBS quoted police as saying that the boy, Takumi Izuka, was riding his bike when he was hit by the truck making a left turn at an intersection. Izuka was taken to hospital with severe head injuries but was pronounced dead on arrival.

The driver of the truck, Shigeru Izawa, was quoted by police as saying he didn't see the boy.

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What's an 83 year old doing driving a truck?

Totally irresponsible.

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And nothing will happen to the old man after he apologizes

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Good he did not say he can not remember what happened.

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He was too busy watching tv while he was driving, and therefore didn't see the boy.

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Change the law now

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Settle down. Who's to say the kid didn't have headphones on and rode right in front of the truck without looking? Without knowing all the details, don't crucify the driver yet.

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It's important everyone realizes that, because you can see them, does not mean that they see you. Especially when riding a two-wheeler amidst four-wheelers.

Eighty three. Should have retired, wear a yukata, sippin' tea. R.I.P.

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Old people are not only going to bankrupt Japan they are killing off the youth that are coming behind them to pay for their health insurance. 83 and driving a truck? He did not see the bike because no doubt he has trouble seeing. And even if the kid were in the wrong the driver has to be aware of his surroundings and take actions to prevent an accident, not just run the boy over.

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Eighty three. Should have retired

Maybe he can't retire because of the pension scheme. (65000Y per month if you've paid in for 25years). There maybe other interesting information we need to know about this case.

I wonder if the kid was wearing a helmet which may have saved his life. If not all the parent bashers could comment.

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every turn you make in Japan, you must assume somebody is there.

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Maybe I am going blind but where in the article does it say-

The boy legally crossed the road at a pedestrian crossing The old man went through a red light The old man was blind because 83 means you without a doubt blind Driving a truck means he is working for a company and is afraid to retire
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Did he stop? Did he care? Seems truck drivers don't realize they are driving a truck!

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The new generation population is declining significantly. As a result people like this guy in the articpe has to continue ti commit crime. It is a shame how there are so many old hags in jail compared to the younger generation.

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How did he managed to get his driving licence renewed?

-4 ( +1 / -5 )

I always said, that the most dangerous thing in Japan is crossing the street. I remember when living in Chiba, some drunk Japanese hit and killed five people walking across the street. Follow your own instinct when crossing the street in Japan, not when it says you may walk.

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Sorry little man,you didn t get to live a long life,i am sad,,,RIP

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There are a lot of 70+ year old taxi drivers too. How safe is that? People this old should not be allowed to drive professionally, and should be tested ANNUALLY.

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I'm sorry to hear about the death of any young person, whatever the reason may be, but I can't believe the hate for this 83 year old man! You'd think he had gone out and targeted this boy. It was an accident. As many people have said, we don't know all the details. Was it a blind corner? Did the old man start and turn and the kid came down a hill and right through the intersection? I bet more of the posters here have texted and talked on their phones while driving and luckily we're never involved in anything more from luck than anything else. Maybe just maybe this 83 year old was returning from his farm or somewhere and was in the wrong place at the wrong time, as well as the high school victim.

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The 83-year-old driver of the truck, Mr. Shigeru Izawa, is unemployed. Furthermore, the intersection at which the accident occurred is not a blind one. See here: Yes, we have few details at present, but I have been cycllng Japan's city streets and rural roads for 15 years, covering many thousands of kilometers, and I am well aware of the curious blind spot motorists have with regard to those on 2 wheels.

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This senseless carnage will continue as long as pedestrians/cyclists have to compete with cars at traffic signals. The former are too naive to the dangers and selfishness of the latter.

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People over 60 should be required to be medically cleared to drive and should be required to undergo more stringent and frequent driver testing. These geriatrics are not only slow behind the wheel, but even at low speeds, are rarely totally aware of their surroundings.

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