15-year-old boy arrested for killing grandfather, wounding grandmother


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15 years old and already messed up in the head. Too many killings lately. Im surprised people can kill other humans so easily. Especially family members.

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Well I guess the boy was WAKO doing what he did, But I'm sure there is more to this story that needs to be said.

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In other (developed) nations, there would be significant national outpour over family killings like this. So many people would be asking why! There would be a lot of discussion around what is causing it and changes would be made. People would rally!

But in Japan, we have these family killings almost daily - and no one is talking about it in any meaningful form at all...

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On a more serious note what is the age of criminal responsibility in Japan, is he facing prison or some sort of child care?

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Relax, he's going to be released and allowed to walk among us, as good as new, in 3-4 years.

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Just sad. Those were your grandparents! The only other people that was excited by your birth other than your parent! And you killed them for what? I can't even think of doing that to my granny.

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While it may be true that the media coverage has improved and the number of these incidents are better reported and covered, the apparent "trend" in Japan where these in-family atrocities and killings are happening so indiscriminately and senselessly, may be an indication of changes occurring in Japanese society as a whole reflecting the longevity and social as well as personal values.

I personally observe and experience less personal, superficial and often exaggerated social relationships that exist where personal responsibility and respect for others are slowly degenerating among the young while the elderly have difficulty facing the stress of their "expected" and often burdensome responsibility placed upon them by tradition and by social standards to "care" for those that are antagonistic or even spiteful toward them.

All this while communication media has improved via technology, the skills needed in absorbing and accommodating the flood of information have caused an overload for many. The young thrive on information but unable to decipher proper content and intent, ending up blind to factual information and fantasy. The older generation trying to keep up with the pleasures and joys illustrated by the fantastic reality being brought forth cannot cope with the basic need to survive and unable to be released from the obligations and responsibility they feel and are expected to have. Extremely stressful for the young and old, indeed.

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