15-yr-old girl sent to family court for stabbing classmate


Yokohama District Public Prosecutors on Tuesday sent a 15-year-old middle school student to family court on charges of attempted murder and violation of the sword and firearms control law after an incident in June when she allegedly stabbed a classmate in the side with a knife during class.

According to investigators, the district prosecutors office considered the girl's age and motive, believing the case to be serious but that it shouldn't be handled in the same way as if she were an adult. By bringing the case to a lesser court, the girl will only face the probability of being sent to a reform school or kept under probation.

Investigators in the family court will review the girl's home environment and her personality to determine if she should be tried in juvenile court. The victim was severely injured and has been hospitalized since the incident.

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Very, very scary. Why did this girl do such a stupid thing?

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She saw it in a movie/tv series or had read about it in the news and thought, "if I am going down (life sucks etc) I may as well take the person that annoys me with me". Again, I blame the teachers for allowing the bullying ( i am a tacher and I dicipline the teachers for not diciplining the children in regards to bullying/name calling etc)

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LOL, good call, prosecutors! I'm sure Japan's family court system has plenty of experience in dealing with attempted murder charges...

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this country really went down the sewer years ago...yuck..shameless shameless!!

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15-yr-old girl asked politely if it wouldn't be too much trouble to refrain from stabbing her classmate again.

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Hmmm...this sounds reasonable but I wonder if this girl will actually get the help she needs. And regardless of her age, she should have to pay for her violent crime in some way. Community service in a hospital perhaps?

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lovejapan: While I agree that teachers should do everything in their power to stop and prevent bullying, if a child is raised right by his/her parents, he/she wouldn't be bullying anyone in the first place.

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Ahh, the hopelessness of youth.

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Well I agree to some point with dolphingirl,but reality it's not always the parents fault, alot of the times, it is...but not always the case. It is a shame and I do believe she needs some sort of help, but I feel to just let her off to easily will maybe let her feel it's something she can get away with easily so why not do it again, there should be a sort of boot camp for these kids, put them under harsh supervision and let them know there rules that have to be followed and consequences to be paid.

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Not sure how it is in Japan, but "reform school" here is just another name for a self-contained juvenile detention center.

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dolphingirl: It is extremely hard for parents to know how to raise a child correctly. There is no formula to follow or step-by-step process. You only have so much control over the environment. You cannot make everyone else treat your child the way you want them to. Every individual person's temperament is different.

I never want to hear that if a "child is raised right" that there wouldn't be behavior problems. The world does not work that way.

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I agree Icewind007, it is easy to blame the some cases I could say it might be true..I have seen it with my eyes, but alot of the time, it is out of the parents hands..we are not with them 24 hrs a day..they are influenced by others...fall into a worng crowd, Icewind007 said..."the environment"...

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Parents? Years of hard data (since the fifties) show that there are largely two factors that shape a kids personality/behavior as he grows up:

1) Genes

2) Non-Family Influence

Of course, most parents are loathe to believe this, as it counter intuitive, and negates any influence you believe you may have over your children, but the data bear this out.

The data is taken from several hundred studies involving paternal twins (raised apart and separately), fraternal twins (raised apart and separately), adopted kids, and so on.

Nature comes from you genes, and the nurture comes from your peer group.

Perhaps the most important thing you can do as a parent is keep your kid away from bad influences, as much as possible.

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there should be a sort of boot camp for these kids, put them under harsh supervision and let them know there rules that have to be followed and consequences to be paid.

Battle Royale?

Kidding. Let's hope this poor little thing gets the attention and therapy she needs. Same for the victim, she has to learn to talk and laugh less.

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@Berbert61...Battle Royale, a bit more harsh than I inteneded..but....nah..

She does need help, I mean what kind of anger, or hate do you have to hold inside to do this sort of thing...

But at times we take these situations for granted and thats when it turns into suicide or even worse troubles down the road, I say take action now hit it in the bud, so maybe in the future this young woman can actaully fit into society...the way she is now, would be like a ticking time bomb at any given moment...

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I missed the original article, but how do we know that it really is a case of bad behaviour etc?

I mean ... I can never justify this kind of action, but how do we know the "victim" in this case wasn't beating this girl silly every day after school and making her life hell? Japanese bullying can be really mean.

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shufu...the first article stated..

Student stabbed by classmate at Yokohama girls' high school

Wednesday 16th June, 07:15 AM JST


A 15-year-old student was stabbed Tuesday in a classroom at a private girls’ senior high school in Yokohama and a classmate was arrested on suspicion of attempted murder, police said.

Seishin Girls’ Senior High School placed a 119 emergency call around 12:20 p.m. after the first-year student was seriously injured in the attack, police and the Kanagawa prefectural education board said. The victim is being treated at a hospital’s intensive care unit.

The 15-year-old suspect was arrested after admitting to police officers that she had stabbed the victim, police said.

The suspect has since told them that she had come to hate the victim, who annoyed her, and tried to injure her with a knife she bought at a home products store on Sunday, according to police.

In another article I had read it said.."I hated her and wanted to injure her," she was quoted as saying by police.

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