15-year jail term sought for comic magazine editor over death of wife


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Japan is really soft on Major Crimes. He chokes his wife to death and all they're trying to get is 15 years? You know that means his actual sentence will be lighter.

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Here's yet another case where conviction rate is more important than Justice

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the deputy editor pushed his wife down some stairs after choking her in a bedroom.

It's a short sentence to describe what happened. Pause to consider how much terror and pain Kanoko Pak suffered before she was killed. Imagine what he did to her, and how she would have fought back.

Fifteen years doesn't cut it.

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So he'll get out at 58!? Life is cheap.

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Give the creep LIFE!!

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indicted in January 2017

first hearing of his trial earlier this month

if it's the open-and-shut case people seem to be assuming it to be, why 2 years I wonder...

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