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16-year-old boy held for allegedly stabbing mother to death


Police on Monday arrested a 16-year-old boy following the discovery of the body of his 43-year-old mother, who was found stabbed to death at her apartment Tagajo, Miyagi Prefecture.

One of the woman's neighbors, a 66-year-old woman, told police that she heard the woman calling for help at around 2 p.m. on Sunday, Fuji TV reported. She was quoted by police as saying she went to see what was going on and found the woman lying on the floor of her second-floor home, having sustained multiple stab wounds to her chest.

Police say the woman was taken to hospital where she was pronounced dead a short time later. The woman's eldest son was seen fleeing the scene shortly after his mother's murder, Fuji reported. According to police, the boy was apprehended at a convenience store in the neighboring town of Rifu at around 1:20 a.m. Monday morning.

Police said the boy has admitted to killing his mother and quoted him as saying that she only ever thought about herself.

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These stories are becoming far to common.

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It's so sad. Why does it seem that todays teens don't know how to express their frustrations and anger without violence?

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Ungrateful little brat killing the woman who gave birth to him and raised him.

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She only ever thought about herself? Mmm, yeah, that sounds pretty spot on for most of the orange haired mothers I've seen with their Loui Vouton bags, 3cm finger nails and 4cm eyelashes. But, he shouldn't have killed her, of course. Last week it was a kid taking to his family with a baseball bat. Is it just me or do other people notice a pattern?

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These young children think there is no way out. Teens are committing too many of these horrific acts, it seems without any attempt at seeking psychological/psychiatric help. I can only plead to the youth to seek help when "things" are going wrong. Hopefully, mental health professionals get more proactive instead of self-aggrandizing in front of TV cameras after the fact. The school counselors are mostly unsuccessful. Young kids resorting to murder and/or suicide indicate huge problems. Japan needs a greater push to show that depression and other mental health problems are very common and most are easily treatable. All during my years in the public school system, "the child" had been an outcast subjected to giggles from teachers and vulnerable to bullying or other forms of abuse by peers. I hope that Japan gets beyond calling mental illness "kokoro byoki" real soon.

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We don't have all the info, but what if the mother was a real selfish bitch? Does giving birth entitle a mother to be cruel or selfish... NO. Anyone can become a parent, but it takes love, patience, devotion and stamina to be a good mother.

Although she did not deserve to be murdered, that is just so wrong...

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"She only ever though about herself", so you selfishly killed her? I see the rise in little punks is back on the rise -- the boy with the bat late last week and now this, and of course, no real reasons.

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Psychological issues should not be treated as taboo and schools need programs to listen to teens and ensure issues dont escalate to violence.

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At 16 just leave home. You don't need to destroy your own life by taking that of your mother's. It was only a couple of generations ago where many teens left home after JHS to look for work.

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Whatever the reason, the boy will regret this for the rest of his life.

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Why? Why do Japanese teens go berserk like this? What makes a teenage boy pick up a knife and kill his mother? Is it something they learn at school? Taught to be self-absorbed, selfish, arrogant little buggers who think the world owes them respect? I know teens are meant to rebel against their parents, but this... this is just cruel.

My ex's son is 14 and going to high school next year, and he's turning into a stroppy little sod. I'm starting to worry about her. How many other parents have to die before something is done to kerb the violence visited upon them by their sons?

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It is weird to me that so many can so easily and extremely condemn someone who has only done something they couldn't imagine doing.

I don't want to do what he did, but it is easy to imagine a list of things that made him snap. Emotional neglect, abuse, sex abuse, unreasonable pressure to do what she thought necessary to be a successful adult with no admission of his desires (like those parents who put icy cold pressure on their kids to be a dr w/ all the study that that entails) etc etc

Combined with the volcano of hormones (not just sex, but all growth, social and other) we all erupt when that age, and with the lack of complete development of the frontal cortex (where we make long-range plans, empathize with ppl, see consequences, etc, I believe gets dvpd 19-22 or maybe elater), and maybe also things like lack of other role models, close friends, bullying etc s/t

And you get a possible eruption like this one. NOt a matter of condoning it, imo, esp if it was not done out of a sadistic desire for cruelty. Just a matter of realizing death is an occupational hazard of living, so live to your best potential with the best relationships you can make. Even then you are never safe...

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Police said the boy has admitted to killing his mother and quoted him as saying that she only ever thought about herself.

If this is someone trying to excuse their actions then it's pretty pathetic. This kid wasn't a victim, he was a cold-blooded murderer. It wasn't just one stab either:

having sustained multiple stab wounds to her chest

This kid was just vicious. She probably asked him to wash the dishes or something, and I'm not being flippant.

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Maybe you're not trying to be flippant but I don't think you are letting yourself imagine very deeply.

Maybe you mean cold-blooded murder in a different way than I take it, but to me it says someone who has planned what they are doing, and detached about it, maybe relatively calm. Someone like that I could see making one good stab wound to accomplish a goal of murder. (Fine maybe 2 or three, if they were worried they got it wrong.)

Multiple repetitive stab wounds and slashes are commonly known to represent an extreme emotional reaction, pent up rage, and usually grudges and resentment that have built up over time. Not just being told to do the dishes.

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Lowly - all I know is that I have seen first hand my ex's son shout abuse at her for being asked to wash a couple of dishes... and his resentment at being told to tidy up behind him. Just like the waste of space in the report he said she was selfish. I know for a fact that she bends over backwards to give him a good and decent upbringing... Two years ago he was a quiet kid, then he went to Junior Highschool.

Some of these teenage boys appear to lack self-control, and seem to believe that the only way to get what they want is through violence or abuse. What I want to know is what turns a nornally nice kid into someone who would kill the one person closest to them, the ones who gave them life. Is it manga, the glorification of gangsters and other criminals in the media, or just a head full of bad wiring? Whatever it is, it needs sorted NOW... before we read about more parents being beaten in bed, or murdered by teenage boys with some weird grudge against them.

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...the ones who gave them life.

Spare us the Confucian crap. Parents don't choose to have kids to "give them life", they do it because they decide they want a baby. Entirely selfish at that stage.

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I wonder how healthy he is? She must have fed him and clothed him and sent him to school at least? If she did the teen was a fool and was more selfish than she was. If he was running the streets and had to find his own food, clothing etc, then yeah she was selfish.

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When will you ever understand that you parents are raising a machine not a child? You were killed for a reason lady and your son did the crazy hit on you. He was raised to murder. Your son is in the life of your hands. Who would be comfortable there? I awake tomorrow and look forward to a child suicide, it is sad to forsee what will come soon. We already know. Education is a problem.

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Well, but the ex's son didn't kill your ex, right? Normal teen growing pains, normal resentments in families and fighting are, different than what this kid experienced, imho. According to you, your ex and her kid actually talked and fought, for one. Never mind what happened at home usually, one thing I could imagine didn't happen, was fighting and talking back. My guess is this kid had no outlets for some serious emotions for a long time. I would chalk it up to reasons I mentioned in earlier posts, but could be others. Repeated stabbing is a real indicator of something serious, tho, in any basic crime analysis.

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MMMMmmmmmmm okay

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"she only ever thought about herself."

So, he was doing the world a favor?

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These commenters are as bad, if not worse, human beings than the kid.

So, just because she was a mother, she deserves to go scott free? Have you brain dead imbeciles never realised that, sometimes, mothers can be abusive?

She most likely didn't deserve to die, but if she was as self-obsessed as she was, chances are that was correct. Only extreme circumstances breed these kinds of behaviour.

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