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16-year-old Osaka boy stabs father after argument over driving car


A 16-year-old boy was arrested for attempted murder on Monday night after he allegedly stabbed his father at their Suita City apartment.

The boy’s younger sister called police just before 8 p.m. and told them her brother had stabbed her father. Police rushed to the home and found the man, a teacher at a school for the visually impaired, crouching on the ground outside the apartment building and bleeding from his neck. He was taken to hospital where he is in a stable but serious condition.

His son, a first-year high school student, was found in the entrance of the apartment and told police he stabbed his father. A bloodied knife with a blade of nearly 20 centimeters was found in the home, and the boy was arrested.

He told police his father was angry with him for driving the family car without a license and getting in an accident a few days ago. The boy said his father had also gotten angry with his friend he went driving with in the car, and who was at the home on Monday night.

Police quoted the boy as saying: “My father hit me in the face a couple of times and I thought he was going to hit my friend as well. I wanted to kill him.”

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Sounds like he needed to get hit in the face more often.

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headline is a bit misleading. sounds as the boy finished driving, and then promptly stabbed his dad. A more appropriate headline might be:

boy stabs dad after argument over car

or something similar

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“My father hit me in the face a couple of times and I thought he was going to hit my friend as well.

You got off lightly, kid.

If you're old enough to do the crime, you're old enough to do the time. Send these infantiles down for a long time.

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Boo hoo daddy got angry at me, I'm gonna kill him! What is with these little psycho brats these days

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What a brat, good for the father to hit him, the kid seriously needs some tough love.

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"Boo hoo daddy got angry at me, I'm gonna kill him! What is with these little psycho brats these days?" You dig....

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Glad the daughter was smart enough to call the cops. What the hell was his friend doing? Just standing by or was he in on the stabbing as well?

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Another kitchen knife incident?! They need to stop selling the ones with the pointy end, and start replacing them with the kiddy cook knives with the rounded blunt end, and the cute Miffy the Bunny images.

Instead of cash-for-clunkers, Japan could do cash-for-knives...

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Bad seed.

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Yeaaaahhhhh. Maybe. If an adult - even my parent - is punching me in the face, though, I'm going to be looking for something to defend myself with - like a knife until he stops. I'm not saying that's what happened, but we don't know the degree to which the kid was getting hit in the face. Papa-san needs to find another method of punishment.

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Appears he taught his kid that violence was the answer and reaped the consequences. I am wondering what the argument could have been in as much as there is nothing to argue about ie dad says don't ever do that again or you will end up in jail and makes sure his kid does not get the keys again. In any case the mind boggles.

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Dad deserved it. Never punch anyone in the face. Period.

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How did the 16 year old boy get his hands on the family car keys ???

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this young fool in suita Osaka needs a good old fashioned horse whipping! Spare the rod and spoil the child? Idiot goes off with his father's car? Needs to be locked up until he is at least 26? 36?

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Kally has the mentality. I'm sure you and the son could go bowling and have a great time talking about parenting. I too would like to punch this little sh!t in the mouth.

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What a brat! Driving without a license is already broken the law. Maybe he will learn after he stayed in jail.

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For those of you who think the boy needs a good hiding, why not try this next time you're in a bar - put a long kitchen knife in front of a man you don't know and then punch him in the face and see what happens.

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This is just further evidence that Prime Minister Aso was right to say that poor people should not get married and have children. And they should not waste what little money they have on cars, either. If this man had followed the Prime Minister's advice, he would not have been stabbed by an ungrateful wretched spoiled brat. Let this be a lesson to poor guys everywhere: owning a car and a wife is not the road to happiness.

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When a child is four, five years old, a swat across the backside or a smack of the hand and a stern, "NO!" is usually enough to teach them right from wrong. But when a child has reached sixteen, using any kind of physical violence as a means of punishment is wrong. It's ineffective, demeaning, and unnecessary. A sixteen year old is already in the rebellious stage, and will act out against even the best, most even-handed parents. Proceeding to hit the boy in the face is just going to add fuel to that rebellious fire, and the kid may even be MORE likely to repeat the offense, just to "stick it to the man," so to speak.

Teenagers always want to be treated like adults. So treat him like an adult. Ask him, "Why did you take the car?" If he mumbles something like, "I just wanted to," then come back with, "So you just wanted to steal my car?"

"I didn't steal it! I borrowed it!"

"You borrowed it without my permission. That's called stealing."

"I didn't steal it!"

"You don't have a license either. That's car theft coupled with unlawful operation of a vehicle. You had your friend in the car. That makes him an accessory. You were in an accident. That's property damage, not to mention the potential for personal injury not only to yourself and your friend, but also pedestrians and other drivers. You might have ended up committing vehicular manslaughter and got yourself sent to prison. And for what reason? 'Because you just wanted to'? I need a better explanation than that."

The kid knows he did something wrong. He knew it was wrong before he did it. make him face up to it. Don't just get furious and start hitting him. No matter how justified the rage may be, it's just going to reinforce the kid's belief that the world is against him.

"What do you think your punishment should be?"

"I didn't do anything wrong!"

"You and I both know that's a lie. If I were a judge, you'd get X-time in prison and have to pay X-fine. So, instead of sending you in front of a judge, you're going to pay back X-yen to fix the car, pay any damages, and apologize to me for stealing the car. Then you and your friend are going to go to his parents and apologize to them, too. Then we're going to sit down and find you a solid part-time job, because if you have the energy to be joyriding illegally in cars, you obviously have too much free time on your hands. Besides, you're going to need to make money somehow to pay the costs I just told you about."

"That's not fair!" (kids love this one)

"I told you to name what you thought WOULD be fair, and you came back with a bald-faced lie and said you didn't do anything wrong. I bet you wish you'd taken a moment to think it over instead, don't you? I bet you wish you'd exercised a little more judgment. Remember that next time you think about taking my keys."

The boy in this case had absolutely no right to stab his father unless he believed himself to be in mortal peril. Judging by his comments, he sounds like he was more angry than scared, so I don't think mortal peril factored into it. He should be arrested, tried, and sentenced accordingly. Regardless of his motivation, he broke the law.

That said, the father is also to blame. The son is sixteen; sixteen year olds do incredibly stupid, boneheaded things. The father had every right to be furious with his son AND the friend, but physical violence is not the answer. Grown men get into fist fights with each other. Little boys get into fist fights with each other. But a father and son? There are other ways.

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Just another trend that would fade just like the rest.

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mnemosyne23 stated this very well. Slapping a 16 year old in the face doesn't teach him anything or motivate him to do better. The 16 year old is also old enough to know what is right and wrong. He gave in to his bad fleeting judgment. And he'll have to serve the time for it. I hope these kinds of situations can be resolved in the family instead of permanently distancing them for life.

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They do like stabbing in the neck in Japan. This is often an area of choice. Sad thing just for being slapped. There doesn't seem to be an inbetween here. Like night and day.

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That will not work with every kid, I have raised 5 kids and one of them just needed a good ole fashion butt whooping at 16, and I gave it to him, after that he behaved and we became closer, but it was a last resort after he had seriously injured two people!

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Did the father punch his son in the face? He probably slapped him. Either way, if his son had any respect for his father he would not then actual try to kill him - however unfair he felt the situation. But if you outsource parenting to schools, how can you expect your child to know you, let alone respect you?

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This is another example of Japanese youth copying American Youth...I'm glad Japan doesn't allow people to own guns...otherwise we would have a Japanese Colombine....

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