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18-year-old arrested for sending death threats to idol


Police have arrested an 18-year-old university student in Sapporo on suspicion of sending a death threat message to an idol.

According to police, the man posted a threatening message, reading “I will kill you. I will do it no matter what,” on a 15-year-old idol’s official Twitter account on June 22. Following the threat, the idol employed a security guard to attend all of her events, Fuji TV reported.

Police tracked the man’s IP address and arrested him on charges of assault.

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Good that this guy is caught! But for how long? and what will they do after he is released?

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Arrested on charges of assault? Verbal assault?

Assault is the threat of bodily harm. Battery is the actual physical harm.

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That's very good news they got the guy early and possibly prevented a horrific crime like we saw last month. Next comes prevention for any future action this guy might take

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Wish they would've been this vigilant with the idol that was stabbed a couple months back. I'll be optimistic and think they learned their lesson in how to respond to such threats.

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Arrested on charges of assault? Verbal assault?

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papigiulioJul. Good that this guy is caught! But for how long? and what will they do after he is released?

They will feed him lunch and dinner then put him in the street again....

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Hmm... posting that on twitter might make it really easy for the cops to come pay a visit. Guess he didn't think about that. Or he wasn't thinking at all. Wonder if he is gonna vote?

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In Japan have many situation likes this. The men who want to be with his idol forever thinks that died together is only way.

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The future underskirt photographer/condom sneaker.

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However I put it to you that the defendant is 18, therefore he is not a man until aged 20, merely a juvenile. Where is the line here?

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If you're 18 years old, you shouldn't be listening to 15 yr old talentless idols. You should've already grew out of that stage somewhere in jr. high. This guy's a Loser.

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