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18-year-old arrested for stabbing high school girl in Osaka


Police in Yao, Osaka, have arrested an 18-year-old man for attempting to kill a 17-year-old high school girl last month.

According to police, the incident occurred at around 10:50 p.m. on July 30. The girl, who was on her way home from shopping and lives nearby, told police she was suddenly pushed to the ground by a man who then stabbed her in the back and cut off some of her hair, Fuji TV reported.

The girl got up and tried to run away but the man chased her and kept stabbing her. Police said the girl’s injuries will take about one month to heal.

Police identified the suspect from street surveillance camera footage and arrested him on Friday.

During the questioning, the man, who suffers from a mental disability, was quoted by police saying “I was stressed out from work. Also, I wanted to release my sexual desire and so I decided to target a young woman.” However, police said the suspect denied any intent to kill.

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18 year old "man" we all know how this will turn out = charged as a minor. ;o(

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Yup, he's such a "Man" that he had to ATTACK her, instead of ASKING her OUT! Idiot scumbag.

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If this guy has a mental problem, then lock him in a institution for the criminally insane. He cannot control himself so someone has to. Next time he may kill, intending to or not.

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18-year-old man , decided to target a young woman , stressed out from work , wanted to release sexual desire .. what else ..!! How much did you lost at Pachinko parlor on that day ...??

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Police in Yao, Osaka, have arrested an 18-year-old man

Then treat him as an adult during sentencing.

I wanted to release my sexual desire

Plenty of prostitutes in Japan

the suspect denied any intent to kill

He just stabbed her repeatedly to show his affection

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Please! Please! Put this psycho in a place where he cannot hurt anyone else!

This is a good reflection of mental health in Japan. Just fill them up with drugs and let them run around in the society. If they hurt someone they will be arrested, but severely punished because they are nuts.

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As others have pointed out - if he's a "man"; judge him like a MAN - after all,he's now allowed to vote ! (Otherwise, he could be described as a "youth" or just "18 year old male")

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He won't be charged as an adult, and will be let off after a MAXIMUM sentence of one year and a bit in a reformatory; his name will not be published, and he has the right to demand this be removed from search engines in the future (or at least that his name is). So, he can go do it again when he's 'stressed out' in a little over a year.

Thank god the young woman -- errr... girl -- survived the attack, and I hope she gets well soon.

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Kobe White Bar Owner: believe in japan minors are under the age of 20, so naturally he would be charged as such. In some countries, 20 is age of adulthood, in others it is as low as 14. In the latter country, if equivalent justice legal code, a 14 year old could face attempted murder charges for above crime and be charged as adult. Westerners would be crying foul as they say it is a child, whereas that nation sees an adult. I say that because I gather you are saying he is an adult (through western viewpoint), whereasin japan he is a minor. However, within scope of japanese law for minors, he should face maximum penalty.

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"I was stressed out from work"

The Nippon get-out-of-jail-free card.

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Man???? Please don't degrade humanity anymore with such comments. It's every man's duty to protect or rather help a damsel in distress, any true man would agree that it's proper gentleman like to do so.

This guy has not only failed that but has assaulted, "attempt murder", in my books his a failure as a human being and a disgrace to mankind, his an animal....

Not even that, its an injustice to compare him to a animal, even an animal knows better.

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"I wanted to release my sexual desire and so I decided to target a young woman." Is that you, Ted Bundy?

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18 years old Stressed from work mental disability

He won't even get jail time for this.

-1 ( +0 / -1 )

since when are 18-year-olds adults? is JT purposefully using the wrong noun here? he's a juvenile and will be tried accordingly, which means a slap on the wrist.

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@ Jumin Rhee You gather wrong. He is referred to as a "man" even though he is 18 and thus a minor in the eyes of the law, that was my point.

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poor girl is going to be mentally scared after this attack, I hope she gets some counselling to help her, and HE should pay for it! and she should get some compensation from him,

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the man, who suffers from a mental disability,

Um, sounds like a tricky case. At any rate, she can only be described as unlucky at best. Nevertheless, she has somehow escaped death. Hope she'll get back on her feet in due course.

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Well...since he is technically a minor under Japanese law, and by law cannot be held responsible for his own actions, and he is mentally disabled, his parents or guardian should be held responsible for letting a mentally disabled and obviously dangerous "child" roam the streets unsupervised.

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Also, I wanted to release my sexual desire and so I decided to target a young woman.

What type of sexual desire involves stabbing a woman and cutting hair?

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"police said the suspect denied any intent to kill."

what was that?... AFTERSHOCK

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Someone this mentally ill simply can't be allowed back into the community, I feel sorry for him probably having to spend the rest of his life in a secure hospital, but until we can rewire his brain we just can't have anyone out in the community like this.

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