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18-year-old girl’s body found in father's confectionery store refrigerator


The body of an 18-year-old girl was found Sunday in a large refrigerator of a Japanese confectionery store operated by her 43-year-old father in Tokyo, police said.

The body of Ibuki Kizu was found at around 1 a.m. at the store in Arakawa Ward, Fuji TV reported.

According to reports, police said that the victim’s brother called 110 at around 6:35 p.m. Saturday and said his father had indicated he was going to commit suicide by jumping into a river. The elder Kizu then called his wife at home and told her he had killed their daughter at the confectionery store and that he wanted to die, too.

Police rushed to the store and found the body of the daughter, Ibuki Kizu, a university student, crammed into the refrigerator.

Police said the girl had been strangled to death.

Kizu's father was found dead at around 4:45 a.m. Sunday, after he apparently hanged himself from a tree near a river in Iwatsuki, Saitama City. His motorbike was near the tree.

Kizu's father went to work as usual on Saturday morning, while Ibukui left home for her part-time job but never arrived.

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Another family murder/suicide. It is a real tragedy! However, I'm not sure which is the worse tragedy. The death of the two or the way this article is written!

0 ( +11 / -11 )

What a tragedy. Someone asked my definition of "love" recently, and I answered, "It's when you're willing to put your own life before theirs."

-2 ( +7 / -9 )

It's one thing for a man to want to commit suicide but why murder his college aged daughter before doing so?

0 ( +8 / -8 )

but why murder his college aged daughter before doing so?

Of course we don’t know yet in this case, but the general psychological profile of this kind of murder is that she found out something that he wanted to keep hidden from his family: an affair, a business failure, something like that.

2 ( +10 / -8 )

very sad.

-4 ( +4 / -8 )

What happened between the father and his daughter. It's impossible to kill my daughter for me, even if there are some serious reasons or factors.

-5 ( +2 / -7 )

There are about a million reasons why this could have happened. Blind anger over something she did or something she knew and threatened to tell, which then led to enough remorse on his part he decided to kill himself. But it is also possible she wanted to die and he felt as though he failed her and so also wanted to die, or wanted to die for his own reasons. They may have both had mental problems. The list goes on forever.

-10 ( +2 / -12 )

Kill yourself not others

-3 ( +6 / -9 )

Unusual. One possible scenario is that he sexually abused her, and now she was old enough that she was going to tell someone about it.

I can't imagine murdering my own daughters, or even striking them. But it seems sadly common in some societies. Such people have no humanity.

-7 ( +5 / -12 )

Can't imagine the grief of the woman who lost her daughter and her husband and knowing her husband killed her.

0 ( +8 / -8 )

Unusual. One possible scenario is that he sexually abused her, and now she was old enough that she was going to tell someone about it.

A highly possible scenario. Another scenario is they got into an agrument over something and when tempers flared, the father snapped and strangled the daughter.

-10 ( +1 / -11 )

Seriously? I can't imagine a scenario where the father kills the daughter in such a situation. The other way around, perhaps, but who knows!

-13 ( +1 / -14 )

Definitely prayers for the family. The article leaves you with more questions but regardless the father's actions have changed this family forever. Very sad.

-5 ( +3 / -8 )

very sad

-3 ( +3 / -6 )

Probably found out something dark about her dad. Worst case, he did something "indescent" to her... (sorry, censorship issues)

-11 ( +1 / -12 )

Every time I say to myself ....Not again ! Followed by.... Just what the hell is wrong with people?

-6 ( +2 / -8 )

Where the Japan, known for its cultural heritage and Asian value system is going? It appears even the family value system crumbling.

-5 ( +3 / -8 )

This is just evil. I'm afraid to find out what the motive was. I'm not liking the direction implied by this situation. Why kill your daughter? An argument that went too far or something far worse? The mother, brother and other surviving family members are going through hell because of the father's actions.

-5 ( +2 / -7 )

There needs to be more social services for troubled families.

-6 ( +1 / -7 )

Very, very sad. How a parent can kill their child is so beyond me, absolutely tragic.

-6 ( +2 / -8 )

A very unsettling news item for sure.

-3 ( +3 / -6 )

Maybe he snapped and when let go if his hold on her neck, he discovered he had killed her. It’d be very hard to plan to kill your daughter.

3 ( +3 / -0 )

Sad and sick.

1 ( +1 / -0 )

I wish misandrist people would stop automatically assuming that the father did something wrong sexually. This is a sexist and misandrist way of thinking.

Why not you think that the father found out that the girl's "part-time job" was selling her body and that the dad found out she had dishonored the family? Why didn't you automatically assume that?

Because you are sexist.

We may never know the REAL reason. So stop speculating. Just say a quiet prayer for the souls to rest in peace.

-1 ( +0 / -1 )

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