18-year-old man killed in hit-and-run in Chiba


Chiba prefectural police said Friday that an 18-year-old man was killed in a hit-and-run incident in Chiba City's Chuo Ward on Wednesday. A police official told a news conference that the victim, identified as Kenichiro Kamioka, was hit by a car at a traffic crossing at around 1 a.m. while riding his bicycle.

Police said the driver of the car was a 41-year-old woman identified as Kaori Deguchi. According to police, Deguchi fled the scene following the incident, but turned herself in at a police station later in the day.

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Chiba, by the way, has some of the worst traffic accident statistics in all of Japan, and yes, many, many horrible stupid, crazy drivers like this hit and run. RIP 18 riding his bicycle at 1 am out there in Chiba.

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So how long did the kid lie there in the street? Could he have been saved had she stopped an called somebody? In Japan, defensive driving/walking/riding is key. Be careful.

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What a complete dearth of details. One might hope for a follow-up report on this.

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Some moron cycled past me last night in the rain. Of course he was holding an umbrella and looking at his mobile whilst hunched over the handlebars. Heard a screech seconds later and saw him blithely cycling on whilst the driver who had missed him by centimeters sta shaking begind the wheel. Hopefully this incident was different

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I know how this feels since I almost hit a bicyclist while trying to make a right turn. One moment he was nowhere to be seen and the next moment I was bearing down on him. He was so scared he jumped off his bike.

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chewitup - 6 hours between the accident and the posted report, and you want the victim's shoe size? Why don't you channel your inner Woodward and Bernstein and see what shocking conspiracy you can uncover.

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rather 2 and a half days, but the point is made

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In the middle of night: a country with narrow roads with little or no sidewalks and adequate lighting and cyclists not encouraged to wear any visible gear or use strobe lights. No surprises!

I am a motorist, and it's likely that I have greater fears about running over pedestrians and cyclists in the cover of darkness than my potential victims. Be safe, be seen!

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Well, that was mature hoserfella. I don't know how old you are, but a MAN would have apologized and been able to keep his pride. But you? Yeah, you sure made a point all right, but it may not have been the one you intended son.

No, I did not want to know his shoe size, nor did I demand extreme details instantly. Names, ages and general location really does not tell us anything about the event. I pointed that out and hoped for a follow up report. Even if it was just hours after, I don't see the crime in pointing out the fact that there are no significant detals for me or the average JT reader, nor to hope for more info later.

But I do see the crime in hasitly jumping down someone's throat due to one's own error, then try to justify it and slither away.

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Some idiots cycled past me last night in the rain. Of course he was carrying an umbrella and looking at his cell phone while leaning over the handlebars. Seconds later, heard a scream and saw him unceremoniously on cycling, while the driver who had missed him by inches sta begind shaking the wheel. Hopefully, this incident was different. So, how long the child was lying there on the street? He would have saved had they held a called someone? In Japan, defensive driving / walking / riding is key. Be careful.

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What is the shocking dearth of details that you demand?

I did not demand anything, and certainly not a dearth of details. I said there IS a dearth of details. Maybe you think "dearth" is a derogatory or insulting, angry word? Maybe it reminds you of "dearth" Vader? Maybe if you pulled out a dictionary it would not freak you out so much?

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Daddy-o, I believe your expression was "a complete dearth of details". Now if I was the journalist writing this piece, yes, Id find that derogatory and insulting. Do u honestly believe they left vital information on the cutting room floor? Why don't u have a little patience and realize statements must be taken and investigations finished.

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An 18 year old boy was hit and left to die.

The laws that make people choose to "hit and run" should be reconsidered...

But she left the boy to die, which is much more harsh than accidentally hitting him.

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It is because any accident like this is automatically the drivers fault, full stop. If the police actually got off their backsides and investigated with blame apportioned accordingly, then maybe people would be less inclined to run.

My friend was sitting stationary in his car waiting at a crossing and a kid came down the hill behind him and hit his car. it was a hard hit and an ambulance and the police were called. She was taken to hospital and he was taken to the police station where he was roasted over hot coals for hours by some gobshite police officer - in the end he had to say to him "I am here, I am answering your questions, there is no need to shout and yell like this and be so abusive!"

He was saved in the end only because the girls parents were decent enough to come to the station, apologise and accept full blame. The brakes on her bike didnt work, and she was going down a steep hill in the rain! He wasnt even moving and she hit him from behind but the police said to him "Still - you have to accept some responsibility"! WTF?!

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woah! i hate this kind of drivers. yesterday I was walking on a pedestrian and a car suddenly swooped right infront of me and a couple of inches closer would have hit me... it took me be surprize that somebody would do that

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yesterday I was walking on a pedestrian

Not in high heels I hope.

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An 18 year old boy was hit and left to die.

I was going to comment on that as well. If Japan considers you a minor until age 20, then you can't be called a man while you're a minor. Make a decision, Japan, and stick with it!

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My friend was sitting stationary in his car waiting at a crossing and a kid came down the hill behind him and hit his car.

Your friend.... Is that the one who had brain surgery, or the one who failed the astronaut exam, or the one who had a baby inside a taxi, or the one who lived in Beverly Hills for 3 months, or the one who won the Nobel Prize, or the one who jumped from a 45 story building, or the one who has three Ferraris, or the one who is blind, or the one whose dog can paint pictures, or the one whose pilot husband had a near miss, or the one who traded her Epson printer in for a Canon one for free, or the one who can drink 15 Tequillas without getting drunk, or the one whose 6 kids are all in hoikuen and never ate whale meat, or the one who was a chess champion during the 60s, or the one who's a finance minister in Angola, or the one who works at Google but only gets paid around 4man yen a month, or the one who is trying to become a wine taster, or the one whose parachute did open at the last minute, or the one who lives in the Uk but works in Greece?

There's so many of 'm... And somehow they all had an experience related to the article you comment on.

Miamum, are you really not Forrest Gump's wife?

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poor boy! i wonder the same if he could have been saved had she not run. I was almost hit once crossing a walk way when the light was green for me and red for cars, warabi mochi truck was turning left onto the street I was cross and didn't even slow down, If I had not double checked before crossing I would have been hit.

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