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18-year-old youth arrested for killing father


Police in Sapporo said Friday they have arrested an 18-year-old youth on suspicion of killing his 51-year-old father.

According to police, the boy is suspected of killing his father by beating him about the head with a blunt weapon at their home in Atsubetsu Ward at around 11 a.m. on Thursday, Fuji TV reported.

The suspect's 20-year-old sister discovered her father's body on a sofa and called 119. He was taken to hospital where he was pronounced dead.

The boy later turned himself in at a police station about three kilometers away and confessed to having attacked his father.

The father lived with his three children, the youngest being his 14-year-old daughter.

Meanwhile, police said the suspect had consulted them a few months earlier claiming that his father had beaten him after they argued about his job prospects, Hokkaido Bunka Hoso reported.

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If you're being beaten on a regular basis, and actually fear for your life or safety, it would have been better to leave.

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Very sad story abusive dad get taken out by his son who knows no other way to express himself or to deal with the situation, he did the right thing by contacting the police. At least some of the blood is on the polices hands for not following up or passing it over to child services. This is just speculation but i am guessing they shrugged him off as it was views as a private matter and non of there business (police view) I hope this is a major investigation. The boy was just following his dads example.

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Kobe: He may well have been only following his father's example, but it's still manslaughter at the very least (and yes, the usual police neglect until a body turns up), and he would have been better off just running away for good. If it was job prospects that they were arguing about, the boy need not argue about it ever again due to his actions.

Sorry, but I hope the kid is tried as an adult, seeing as he is now eligible to vote, and should be anyway. Like I said, not murder 1 or anything like that, but should still be held responsible as an adult for murder.

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The dad should have slept with one eye open and one eye closed. He should have know that sooner or later that little boy would grow up to be a man that would hate him from all the beating he took. Wow I guess he had enough and went postal on his dad.

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@Zichi, I can very much relate but I was the generation that got 'battered senseless' and my children have never been hit, tapped, smacked or had finger lain upon them, loud voices, for sure but no contact... break the cycle of violence.

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Zichi...nice story. Thanks for that.

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@UK. Thanks for sharing your post. I've had my little (or moderate) whippens as a young boy, but never "battered senseless". But I think it made me become more aware of my actions.

@zichi. Your grandfather was strict. Glad it didn't rub off on ur poppa. But, back in the day, corporal punishment was the norm among many societies.

Reading this article, I wonder if alcohol was a factor for this abusive father.

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Back on topic please.

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@ smith

I agree with you 100%

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Faulty upbringing of children in families should be modified drastically in Japan and they should be properly educated to respect their parents from early child hood stage to avoid recurrence above numerous incidents reported almost daily on newspaper websites.

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Sir; This is a real tragedyand a pity they could not--father-and son--talk things over thomas crane

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I've read the comment of people saying "It would've been better if he left" but you don't know what the home situation was like. It says clearly that the Father attacked his Son, who's to say this was the first time, or maybe he even attacked his daughters. Of course, saying he should've just left is an easy excuse, I'm sure even he thought of it himself.

I'm not saying he was justified, a man is dead, a Father, all I'm saying is don't be that person who immediately says "He should've just left home if things were that bad" because that's not always an option if you have no where to go, or there's someone you want to protect, I know this from personal experience. Maybe the father went after one of his sisters, and the son was protecting them. Maybe they got into a really bad argument or fist fight and in the heat of it, the son lost his temper and went to far. It's even possible the son just lost it, and killed his father because it seemed like a good idea at the time. We don't know what really happened.

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Lots of 'maybes' in some of these posts - but nothing factual. 'Maybe' he attacked his sisters and he was protecting them? Where do you get this from? Why blame the victim? The father was killed by his son, so it's the father's fault?

From the Japan Times: "The father had consulted the police many times about his son’s violently acts at home." So, we know for a fact that the father was deeply concerned about his son's violent tendencies, had already consulted the police, the police did not remove the son from the home, and the son took the violent action the father had warned the police about - killed his father. Those are the facts.

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