18-year-old youth dies after late night stabbing in Tokyo apartment


An 18-year-old youth died on Wednesday after being stabbed in his Akishima City apartment in the early hours of the morning. Police said the boy’s mother called for an ambulance just after 2 a.m. and told them that her son had been stabbed by a man in the apartment.

Ambulance personnel rushed to the city-run apartment and found the victim lying on the floor of his bedroom, and a bloodied knife belonging to the home was found by his side. He was rushed to hospital but was pronounced dead about two hours later, suffering heavy blood loss from the stab wound to his chest.

The mother told police that she was sleeping in the next room when she awoke to the sound of screaming. She got up to check on her son and saw him grappling with a man near the kitchen. She said the man ran out of the apartment, adding that she didn’t know the man.

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@bamboohat: "burglar" is a noun, not a verb.

And, if you insist... the related verb is "burgle".

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couple points.

1)This was a government run apartment, meaning the family (no father mentioned) was likely low budget. I doubt a robber would break into the projects to burglar them.

2)She said the man and the unfortunate deceased were grappling in the kitchen, but the boy was found in the bedroom, knife at his side.

Did the mom stand idly by while the son staggered to his bedroom, pull out the knife, and collapse?

I'll give 70/30 odds we get a confession from mom within a week.

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I'm sure she is.

Because every burglar comes into your apt and looks for a knife first thing.

Last burglar killed in a home intrusion forgot his knife and could not find the kitchen before the home owner did!

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the mother of the deceased should be the first suspect.

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Most of these reports are translated from an original Japanese article. Sometimes information gets lost in translation. Sounds like a burglar broke in, grabbed a knife in the kitchen for a weapon, got surprised by a resident and stabbed him in the course of a successful escape. Burglar 1 Resident 0. Lock your doors and don't be a hero.

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"the whole story is fishy...typical j-reporting though" ditto

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the whole story is fishy...typical j-reporting though

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Lock the doors.

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were there any signs of a struggle or just mamas bloody prints all over the knife?

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sounds fishy, a knife from the house.

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