19 vehicles vandalized in Kuki


Police in Kuki, Saitama prefecture, said Sunday that 19 cars parked in a residential district had been vandalized on Friday afternoon and Saturday morning.

According to police, the doors and hoods of the cars in a 20-meter radius were scratched with a nail-like object, NTV reported. Police said the cars were vandalized between 2 p.m. and 4 p.m. Friday and on Saturday morning.

All of the damaged cars were in parking lots beside condominiums and a library.

Police said they are examining street surveillance camera footage to try and spot the person or persons responsible.

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Ive never been to Saitama, anyone on here living there? Seems to always pop up on here with bad news, is it really so bad?

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Have you ever seen that old movie the warriors? It's a lot like that. Just kidding. It's perfectly normal...for Japan.

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Was just asking a question folks. Kobe aint so saintly by the way ;o)

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I live in Kuki, usually all is quiet here.

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Saitama does pop up rather a lot, doesn't it?

I only ever visited in the daytime so never saw anything untoward.

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"I was stressed," said 37-year-old unemployed man when arrested. Suspect confessed all after 48 hours in police custody.

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@ Americanhonor, thanks.

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I have walked and cycled with friends and alone at all times of the day including late at night through Saitama and NEVER EVER felt any concern for my safety just as I do in the rest of Japan. Maybe it's the proximity of JT's offices and where their staff spend most of their lives that accounts for such a high occurrence of Saitama based stories. No other logical reason since Saitama is NOT at the top of Japan's worst areas to live in based on crime.

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I would guess it's pretty easy to vandalize 19 cars in a short space of time in some of those gigantic mansion parking lots.

@Akula and @Kobe White Bar Owner

Saitama does pop up rather a lot, doesn't it?

I am certain that if you compared the frequency with which it seems to occur to other locations you would find that it is no more or no less common than say Tokyo, Kanagawa, Chiba or Osaka.

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Dasai Tama...

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I worked near Kuki earlier, and attended high school nearby, and still pass through a few times a week. It's a very quiet place, mostly a bed town.

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