19 vending machines torched, robbed in Tokyo's Katsushika ward since Sept 15


Two vending machines were torched and the money taken from them in Tokyo's Katsushika Ward on Saturday morning, bringing to 19 the number of vending machines which have been destroyed by fire in the area since Sept 15.

Police said that about 90,000 yen had been stolen from the 19 vending machines, TV Asahi reported.

In the latest incident, two soft drink vending machines were set on fire at around 12:30 a.m. Saturday, police said.

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I really dislike the energy wasting vending machine - would be happy to see them go. But destroying property just for money, not good.

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I've always told my friends and family in the USA that vending machines are everywhere you go here in Japan, and they never seemed to get vandalized. I guess times are changing here in Japan.

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It's hardly vandalism. It's straightfoward robbery.

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@mdepaiva I sure hope you are wrong and this is an isolated incident. Vending machines are convenient, and not really that energy wasting if you compare it to the alternative of a manned store working 24 hours a day.

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Kazuaki, what about all the vending machines outside of the manned stores?

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This happened in the UK when I was young, now there are no vending machines in public places..... anywhere. Hope this isn't an indication of the future of Japan.

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JPY-90,000 for torched and destroyed19 Vending machines?

Are they out of mind? What happen with today Japanese society?

Young peoples were not taught enough moral education at school and home. Government needs to act quickly on moral issue in Japanese society. Prevention is better than cure. If you don't take seriously now and then the moral problem will change Japanese society forever.

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How do you torch a vending machine? I mean, they are metal boxes. Which bit do you set light too? Not that I'm thinking of doing it mind you.

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I guess someone has a... vendetta against vending machine.

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