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19-year-old man arrested after punching his mother to death


Police in Niigata City have arrested a 19-year-old man on suspicion of fatally assaulting his mother.

According to police, the suspect, who cannot be named because he is a minor, got into an argument with his 51-year-old mother and ended up punching her in the stomach at their residence in Niigata's Kita Ward on Nov 26, Sankei Shimbun reported.

Four people including the suspect and his mother lived in the house but at the time of the incident, only the man and his mother were at home. He called 119 the next morning to report that his mother was unconscious, police said.

The suspect has denied any intent to seriously hurt his mother and was quoted by police as saying "I only shoved her stomach but never punched her."

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So, what was the cause of death? Ruptured spleen? Lacerated liver? Punctured lung? Another non-factual article!

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Another disgusting and sad story. Fuchu prison will do perfectly!

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Who are the other two? Family? This guy needs a lesson, put him in the LA Prison...

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Perhaps, like any other mother, this woman never considered her son's and her extreme side (look into Kant, Rawl's, Stuart's theory of self-governing...) . Human being is so-called the reformed animal . In other words, the evolutionary beast. We need to help these people to come out of their repressed system because these are human beings. Every human has her or his need. So, freedom to express inner self is vital part of experience of being alive. In Japan all that is fully removed then destroyed at very young age. Japan is nothing but a true example of repressed society. Where there is repression there is no place for love (philanthropy) and freedom.

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Old enough to argue with your mother is old enough to stand on your own two feet and live elsewhere. Old enough to punch her to death is old enough for jail time.

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Disgusting little worm! Is this the way to treat the person who brought u into this world?

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"the suspect... ended up punching her in the stomach"

The article seems to imply that it was only ONE PUNCH and the suspect has denied even that ONE PUNCH but I think the Japanese word is "打殺す (bukkorosu)" literally meaning "to beat to death"

It takes a lot of time and effort to kill someone so let's just call it SEVERAL PUNCHES...

RIP Okaasan!! :-(

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And another "child" murderer is going to get off Scott-free because of outdated laws here. Sounds like he has a few more months left at least to do it again and again before the laws consider him an adult and someone who must suffer the consequences of his actions. But hey, it's becoming a daily thing. Yesterday the 17-year-old mom who helped put her 16-day old baby in the trash so they could play video games in peace won't be charged or have her name released. Wonder what it will be tomorrow?

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You read stories like this and you think: No wonder people don't want to have kids.

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You have to worry and wonder wtf when ever second week or so a child kills his parent. Definitely need to up the skinships skills. Really sad. Happiness begins in the family.

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With you, FV. Pretty pathetic behavior. But, and I add this sadly, an endemic 'habit' of Japanese 'honour'. Or am I wrong?

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The suspect has denied any intent to seriously hurt his mother and was quoted by police as saying “I only shoved her stomach but never punched her.”

Right. Because, of course, shoving your mother's stomach as a 19 year old is completely OK, even if you didn't intend to seriously hurt her.

Remember when people that were 18 and 19 actually behaved as adults and acted responsibly? Today's youth are generally immature, irresponsible and completely narcissistic by comparison.

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Sounds like internal bleeding. It really doesn't take much to cause it too. No sympathy for this guy. He sounds like so many of Japan's out of control youths today. Lock him up and loose the key....

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As I've said before - don't call him a "man" - real men don't hurt women - a "19 year old male" and since he's allowed to vote, he should be named and tried as an adult.

3 ( +5 / -2 )

I think the "man" thing is purely a translation question. Undoubtedly the proper translation would be "male". It is not intended to convey adult vs. minor.

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Yeah I don't know about that one. Is the lapse in logic coming from the courts or is it in the writing and something is just getting lost in translation?

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I don't understand why he's labeled as a 19 year old "man" when they are tried as minors.

They receive light child sentences and don't have their names made public.

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