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19-year-old mother arrested for attempted murder of 3-week-old daughter


Police in Hiratsuka, Kanagawa Prefecture, have arrested a 19-year-old woman on suspicion of attempting to kill her 3-week-old daughter last month.

Police said the woman, who is a correspondence school student, attempted to suffocate her daughter to death by putting a plastic bag and towel over her face at their residence on March 9, Fuji TV reported.

The woman, who cannot be named because she is a minor, called 119, saying, "My daughter stopped breathing while I was taking a bath.” She told the fire department personnel and the hospital that it was an accident, and the incident was not initially reported to police. The child is still in hospital but out of danger.

The incident came to light when the mother called Hiratsuka City Hall on March 25, saying she would not have minded if her daughter died. A City Hall official contacted the children’s consultation office and made a report to police.

The mother lives with her husband and daughter. She was quoted by police as saying that “I have been distressed about child-raising but did not have anyone to talk to. I tried to comfort the baby but she did not stop crying, so I thought of killing her”.

According to Hiratsuka City, child consultation center officials visited the mother in January to check up on her as she was a young pregnant woman. As she seemed well-prepared to give birth, the officials did not think she would have any problem raising her child, and they did not make any follow-up visits to see how she was doing.

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People shouls be told about "baby hatches" instead of killing their kids.

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Thank God, baby is all right. Mothers face plenty of problem while raising a child. She should be given proper counseling. Child raising is not difficult if understood properly.

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If u dont want a baby use a rubber or take the pill, du daaaar

3 ( +5 / -2 )

Another mother-of-the-week. At least this time the baby survived. I just pray to God the mother is never allowed to lay hands on her again without strict supervision, if at all.

3 ( +7 / -4 )

The weirdest part is how matter of fact and blunt these mums are about it. Cool as a cucumber.

Wonder if they were showing signs of insanity before falling pregnant? Mind blowing really.

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A Japanese new source I read had some additional details. Most importantly, the child wasn't breathing for an extended period (I think it was at least 40 minutes, perhaps longer). Though doctors managed to resuscitate her, it seems suffered some brain damage and has been having feeding difficulties as a result.

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19, married, young baby and doing high school via distance education. This is the side of society that no one wants to talk about. I feel for all involved but disagree that she's a minor. If you're old enough to get married by law, you should be seen as an adult in the eyes of the law.

Sadly, that poor child will either face a life of knowing her mother tried to kill her and living with her it will be saved in government care which means an "orphanage" with no real hope of being adopted of being placed in decent foster care.

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It's impossible to help the helpless! There is always help if someone seeks it. In this case, it was easier for her to try to kill the baby and them seek sympathy for it.

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A national problem. Educational efforts must be stepped up.

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As she seemed well-prepared to give birth, the officials did not think she would have any problem raising her child, and they did not make any follow-up visits to see how she was doing.

People whose professional career is childcare didn't think a 19 year-old would have any problems raising a child. Says it all about their powers of insight, really.

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19, married, young baby

This was her 2nd baby, read the article. So let's do the math...she was too busy making babies to finish high school.

-2 ( +1 / -3 )

Sad she needed some help in many ways!

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As a father, I can't help but think about what the @@@@ the husband has been doing this whole time. Probably nothing (other than work?) to support his wife.

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how many times will infanticide hit the front page before we realize this is a national problem?

-1 ( +1 / -2 )

@ Educator - You're right. If she had succeeded in killing the baby, then my comment would've been correct.

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I believe simply reposting my appeal on the issue of the moral state of the society would be inhumane, since everyone already knows it... I do wonder, if they read the newspapers, see the news saying another mother commited another sin, do they falter while lifting the knife...

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“I have been distressed about child-raising

. . . . Is beginning to sound like: "I was drunk and don't remember. . . "

2 ( +3 / -1 )

Again: ADOPTION! I am sure there's some couple, or even individual, who would gladly raise the child. Furthermore, the child would have a better chance at a better life.

1 ( +1 / -0 )


As you said Adoption offers a 'chance at a better life' but there is no guarantee that the new parents will be better.

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THE OFFICIALS DID NOT THINK she would have any problem raising her child, and they DID NOT make any FOLLOW-UP visits to see how she was doing

In England, a MIDWIFE would visit regularly in the FIRST FEW WEEKS after the mother and child return home from the hospital to make sure that the parents are coping and that the ENVIRONMENT is safe for the child.

The MIDWIFE would only stop visiting when she is sure that the ENVIRONMENT is safe.

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For all of you talking about adoption as an option, do you know that adoption in Japan basically does not exist, except within families to save a family name and have it move on?

-1 ( +0 / -1 )

"adoption in Japan basically does not exist"

Yes, I think that people are suggesting that Japan implements some basic family laws, GET WITH THE 21ST CENTURY and STOP KILLING THEIR KIDS!!

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Sex education is needed!

Plus a program where young ones can experiance what it's like to care for a little one 24/7!!

Parenthood can be a pl parenthood can be a such a great blessing. But if you have no idea what you're doing, and you have no one to look for for help it could be very much overwhelming.

Do not get me wrong, I am not in any way shape or form condoning what she did!

A responsible parent would ask for help.

-1 ( +0 / -1 )

She may be suffering from "new mom" depression

Check your psych treatment centers - it's a real topic

-1 ( +0 / -1 )

I stopped having any sympathy or tried to come to any understanding regarding this young woman's state of mind when she said she would not have minded if her daughter died. Also the fact that she tried to lie about trying to kill her own child. She knew exactly what she was doing and quite devious. When she caught out she used the same line as always you hear when this kind of news breaks.

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She probably has postpartum depression. It's a very real disorder, the hormone crash after birth is a mindf*** and a young mother with little support and education is easily suceptible. Japan should do more midwife postpartum visits to check n new mothers. The first few weeks are sooo hard and you're not yourself. I didn't have any home visit post partum here which surprised me.

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" I tried to comfort the baby but she did not stop crying, so I thought of killing her”. "

What the F?? How do you get from "crying" to "kill her"?? Babies cry sometimes, that is what babies do! Good grief, I am speechless.

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