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2 arrested for abducting 19-year-old student who was later found dead


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Eliminate social media, as it serves no purpose.

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This reminds me of the case a few months ago where a married couple killed an 18 year-old girl named Washino and disposed her body in a shed.

My opinion? There's no parenting anymore in this day and age. 18 and 19 are still relatively young, especially for Japanese who don't necessarily move out that early in their life. Parents are too trusting of their child, lets them hang out all day, all night with their so called friends and 'acquaintances'. And teens are too trusting of strangers, judging people only on their appearance and social skills which they can easily fake. Tragic, but this kind of incident will only repeat itself a handful of times per year because they're doing nothing to stop it.

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My opinion? There's no parenting anymore in this day and age. 18 and 19 are still relatively young,

It is difficult to control Teenagers when they have de facto constant contact with the entire world via the smartphones that they are glued to 24-24.

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There was no indication the victim had sustained any physical injury. 

Except that she was dead.

Did the writer mean to say "no visible signs of trauma"?

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Tragic. More details are needed:

Did they lure her and then accidentally overdose her for more nefarious schemes ? (Check all the hard-drives.)

Did she or did they assist(?) with suicide?

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Based on latest Japanese reports, apparently the girl died from overdose of sleeping pills. Perhaps the guy was trying to rape the girl and accidentally overdosed her.

Unfortunately, if that stands, because of the way Japanese law works, if her death was due to attempted rape rather than straight up murder, then the guy will likely get away with a very light sentence such as a 5 year suspended sentence with probation without any time in jail or prison.

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Evils come in many colors and shapes, this girl never stood a chance against a 38 YO devil and a 21 YO evil.

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Could be the 21 y.o. woman was “guilty” of …? @Reckless 8:33pm.

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Interesting why would Kinjo, ask Shinohara to come to Irie's apartment, saying, "I am at a male acquaintance's home. There is more to this story and the motive behind the killing why would Shinohara over dose on anxiety meds?

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Emu was a complete goose to get involved with someone (Irie) who wasn’t happy unless he had more than one bird.

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My only question is why, why, why people do such a horrid thing to another person.

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I guess the students are taught the wrong things at that strange high school, otherwise they would be completely busy with studying more and not having time to or wishes to meet 38-old killers in another prefecture.

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If she over dosed who gave her the Drugs ???? That person is Guilty and Responsible for her Death ....

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