2 arrested for suspected abuse of 450 dogs in Nagano Pref


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Anyone who makes an active choice to cause dogs pain needs to be kept in a cage with his own faeces.

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Thanks” to media for bringing worldwide attention to another of JAPAN’s dirty secrets: “*We love our cute pets!” *but still consider them just ‘property’.

Please don’t support puppy farms like this and pet retailers in JAPAN. Adopt a pet if your ready to commit to taking care of another life for 10-20 years.

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I wish they'd arrest my across-the-street neighbors. They keep these two medium sized dogs in these little cages outside and never take them for walks. Once a week they walk them over to a pole 10 feet away and tie them up there where they can bark at people as they go by. After a little while of that, they go back into their little jails.

No matter how cold it gets, they're always left outside, even when it's snowing. They whine and cry from 5am and do so intermittently all day. The "man" of the house goes hunting once or twice a year and that's basically all they're used for.

The police came by asking me questions about that neighbor since he has to be periodically approved to have a hunting rifle, but I told the cop I couldn't care less about him having a gun. He should fine or arrest him for animal abuse but the cop said there's nothing he could do in this case.

This is one of the things I really dislike about Japan. Their view, especially the older people, that dogs are just things.

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450 mostly small breed dogs, left to rot in their own feces, likely not fed or watered on a regular basis, with many injured, sick and dying. How in Hell was this allowed to carry on? These two and most likely others associated with this crime, are pure cowards.

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I see dogs chained up here outside all the time. Often the lead is too short, and the dog has almost no shelter from summer sun or winter snow. Nobody bats an eyelid here. Mosyt Japanese just don't treat animals very well. Ever been to the poor excuses for "zoos" here?!

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Speed - 4.07pm:

I understand the police aren't too bothered about intervening in the dog's wellbeing, but you should try lobbying Nippon SPCA, or JAWS (Japan Animal Welfare Society).

Once they receive complaints, they are duty-bound to investigate, and hopefully confiscate this pair and re-home them..... worth a try, otherwise nothing changes.

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The two are Koji Momose, 60, a former head of the Daiyoku Kensetsu construction firm that runs the facility in the city, and Kenji Aruga, 48, an employee of the company.

A man of means and probable recipient of loads of contracts from chums in the city government. Sad that none of the citizens' tax money funneled to his business went to care for these dogs.

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I wonder if there's a doggy hell for people like this after they die. That would be a scary place.

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Japan has the death penalty right?

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Just got some junk mail regarding buying puppies and kittens....could not believe the prices...over $2000US for some.

And that may explain why said animal cruelty perp. had 450 dogs.

At the other, happier , end of the spectrum, we engage with lots of fellow dog owners in Japan who clearly adore their dogs.

However, a warning little shitzu cross mini foxy was recently traumatised by a little dog called "Chappie ".

Chappie was a robot dog or cydog and this was too much for a simple thing street hound from country Australia.

All we have to do is say ""Where's Chappie " to induce a psycho response ......has the making of a Steven King movie !

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Remember how Ramsay Bolton died in Game of Thrones? That's the punishment that should be meted out to these PoS.

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@ SpeedToday  04:07 pm JST

Maybe next time the cops come by for the mandatory "are you ok with the neighbor's gun" check, reference this story and point out this part:

The police said they believe the men -- who have been arrested for allegedly violating the animal welfare law -

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Animal abuse is wrong.

Does it happen around the world including Western Nations? Yes.

Breeders raising hundreds of dogs in poor conditions illegally happen worldwide including Western Nations too.

Dog fights to the death even though illegal still happens in many western nations for hundreds of years.

You should look in a mirror more before making comments about Japan. Blaming Japan for stories that I can find in your own country!

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Incredibly sad. How the hell can these guys have kept 450 dogs, that is totally psychopathic.

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Chappie” must sound like *@GuruMick **“Here’s Johnny!” or “Here’s Chucky!” *to yer pet!

- “All we have to do is say ""Where's Chappie " to induce a psycho response ......has the making of a Steven King movie ! ” -

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Yes, please lock the two criminals with their own feces in a cage.

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MartimuranoNov. 5  06:51 pm JST

I understand the police aren't too bothered about intervening in the dog's wellbeing, but you should try lobbying Nippon SPCA, or JAWS (Japan Animal Welfare Society).

Thank you very much for the tip on these organizations. I'll check 'em out.

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And Japanese has made doggy films like A tale of Mari and three puppies / Quill / Kinako etc how they care about dog so much but in reality, it's a different.

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Most dogs in Japan are nothing more than living toys.

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Whining as if only Japan existed animal abuse, dog farms and zoos..

What a pathetic excuse. What happens elsewhere is irrelevant.

The true heart of any nation can be seen by the way it treats animals.

Let's review what openly Japan accepts:

Private dog and cat breeders (for profit)

Chaining dogs outside all day on very short leashes.

Treat pets as disposable toys

Monkeys and other animals as attractions in shopping malls :(

Concrete prisons (Zoos)

Aquariums with live shows using dolphins, whales and sea lions :(

Cutting up fish, octopus, crabs and eating them while still alive

The Japanese public at large are to blame. We've all heard the utter selfish and heartless 'kawaii' whenever an animal is being forced to breed or entertain. This is the problem.

Cure is to show love and respect for all livings creatures (except for mosquitos and cockroaches)...

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Japan needs to become a ‘first world country’ which has laws protecting the vulnerable-I am not holding my breath though....

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