2 bogus deliverymen arrested for robbing elderly woman


Police in Maebashi, Gunma Prefecture, have arrested two men on suspicion of robbing a 79-year-old woman last week by posing as deliverymen to get into her house.

According to police, the suspects, Toru Hagihara, 45, unemployed, and Shingo Tsukada, 39, an assistant nurse, have admitted to the charge, Fuji TV reported Sunday.

Police said the pair, dressed as deliverymen from a takkyubin company, came to the woman’s residence in Asahicho at around 8:45 a.m. on Nov 23. They pressed the doorbell and called out “We have a delivery.” When the woman opened the door, they forced their way in, tied her up with duct tape and rummaged throughout her household before making off with 5,000 yen and a cashbox.

The woman, who was not injured, managed to free herself after the men left, and went next-door to ask for help. Her neighbor called 110.

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For 5,000 yen? An assistant nurse makes more than 5,000 yen. Now he's going to be making NO MONEY because of his stupid and greedy decision.

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They should get stiff sentences for victimizing her.

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They should get stiff sentences for being stupid.

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How did they find them?

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Wow, big bad tough men right there. It was definitely worth all that effort to to get 2500 yen a piece I'm sure. Hopefully that was just enough for them to pay for the train ride home and a pack of smokes. pathetic.

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