2 bogus gas company employees rob 80-year-old man at home


Two men posing as gas company employees stole 20,000 yen and a bankbook from an 80-year-old man at his home in Matsudo, Chiba Prefecture, police said Friday.

According to police, the incident occurred at around 6:20 p.m. Thursday, Sankei Shimbun reported. The victim, who lives alone, said two men dressed as gas company employees knocked on his front door and said they had come to inspect the gas meter and his gas appliances.

After being let in, the two intruders bound the man’s hands with tape and searched his house. The man was able to free himself after the two thieves left and sought help from a neighbor.

The elderly man said he had received a call earlier in the day from someone identifying himself as a police officer, asking if he kept a large sum of money in the house.

The two thieves are described as being around 25 and about 170 cms tall.

Police said the victim was not injured.

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Unfortunate. I hope these two are found and brought to justice.

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Is this in Japan!?

Never heard of such things here?

Utilities companies need to put out a WARNING on TV or a letter so people can be informed. Not every one has access to the internet, especially the elderly.

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a large some of money in the house.  

This is a joke, right! Makes me wonder sumtimes.

The two thieves are described as being around 25 and about 170 cms tall.

Sure to locate them easily with that description. Who knows though, maybe they are still wearing the fake gas company uniforms.

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> MocheakeToday  09:43 am JST

a large some of money in the house.  

This is a joke, right! Makes me wonder sumtimes.

I’ve got about US $20,000 in cash in a box at home. I imagine others have a lot more.

-7 ( +1 / -8 )

I have less than 200$ (or equivalent) at my place. Why take any risk i stead of my bank's?

I can retrieve anytime several thousands $ if needed.

Poor man no pun intended) to get so naive since the only thing to learn is never let anyone in , even police officers except if with other family members.

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Things are getting worse there, very sad to see these state of affairs.

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totally bogus, dude!

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@buglebum, missing point , young bro

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This is the sort of crime that undermines the image of Japan as a safe, crime-free society. Cops hate this sort of opportunistic crime and will pull out all the stops to find and make examples of this pair.

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Relative to most other countries Japan is safe with very low crime levels, and we all know it.

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Low levels of crime is why some people are very trusting and this sort of MO succeeds

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Absolute scumbags!

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Scumbags agreed.

However,Japan must be one of the easiest places to commit such crimes.

I expect the number of such crimes to rise significantly as Covid takes a firmer grip.

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In a former life I was a police officer in London East Finchley. The worst crimes I ever attended were those were a lying cheat tricked their way into an elder person's home and stole from them. It's a terrible evil crime preying upon the most vulnerable and usually leads to premature death as all trust is lost by the elder. I think life should mean life for such scum bag offenders.

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@ Paul 14 reminds of a tokyo story someone told me about 2 lobans that rolled up at his spot, This guy's spot was not even under the jurisdiction they claimed to be from. BTW they have been known to crisscross jurisdictions when convenient to blow off a service request.. So the guy called a consulate to find out what they wanted, when they comprehended the call, they soon bounced.

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This very same crime is going on right now in my home city in America. It only goes to show that criminality is universal and it's sad and deplorable that scumbags like these two love to take advantage of the old, disabled and sick.

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@pudus, there are also those aspersion calls by anonymous misanthropist finks.

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