2 brothers arrested after keeping father’s corpse in house for 9 months


Police in Atami, Shizuoka Prefecture, have arrested two brothers on suspicion of abandoning a corpse after they failed to notify authorities about the death of their 75-year-old father and kept his body in his house.

According to police, Harutsugu Nagashima, 49, and his brother Koji, 45, both unemployed, have admitted to the charge, Sankei Shimbun reported. Police said the brothers told them their father Teruo died of natural causes in January, but police said this has not been confirmed.

The siblings, who were arrested on Sept 20, said they had continued to receive their father’s pension.

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The crime is not keeping his corpse at home. The crime is continuing to collect his pension.

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Both unemployed. I would have never guessed that. Yeah.

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I wonder how they preserved the corpse. I do not think an ordinary fridge is big enough or cold enough to store a human body. Therefore a not too small freezer is needed to do the job. Or can be in some kind of liquid preservatives or salt water in the bathroom tub?

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"they had continued to receive their father’s pension"

stealin from the j-gov't, until caught.

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Were there not some American movies with this plot, called "Weekend at Bernies"? But those involved many stupid people overlooking the cadaver.

I guess the Nagashima brothers didn't entertain much.

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Unemployed means they cant pay for inheritance tax to keep the house.

They keep collecting the pension like every other average unemployed Japanese who lives with their retired parents or family.

Thats regular.

Cmon guys it's not like this is for the first time, we all got used to it.

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Harutsugu Nagashima, 49, and his brother Koji, 45, both unemployed


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Have the people at social services need to do is send a post card saying they will phone on a certain day between certain hours, and that if the person does not come to the phone there will be a visit to speak with the person. If the person is not available, the police will be informed.

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@expat, good solution, but these days rig a ma roll, seems to be the way here; undergirded by the enduring pique of Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark.

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