2 brothers killed after jet ski collides with boat on Gifu river


Two brothers, aged 3 and 10, were killed when the rubber boat they were in with their father was hit by a jet ski on the Kiso River in Hashima City, Gifu Prefecture, on Sunday.

According to police, the accident occurred at around 3:30 p.m. Sunday. Fuji TV reported that the two brothers, their 8-year-old sister and their father, 35, were in the inflatable boat when it was hit by a jet ski.

The four occupants of the rubber boat were knocked into the water by the impact, as well as the 27-year-old woman on the jet ski. All five were taken to hospital, but the two brothers, who had been pulled from the water in a state of cardio-pulmonary arrest, were pronounced dead.

Police said the family were Japanese-Brazilian and had been part of a group attending a BBQ near the river.

Police said the woman driving the jet ski -- also a Japanese-Brazilian -- did not have a license and has been arrested on a charge of negligence resulting in death. She was quoted by police as saying she lost control of the jet ski when it started to accelerate.

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And how is their nationality relevant in this article? Seems typically the cops are introducing the foreign crime angle at every opportunity.

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That's such a sad story. A young father with his 2 sons out for some recreation which turned into a nightmare.

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Didn't know you need a license to drive a jet ski, but am glad she is at least being arrested and charged with something, as if she hit a rubber boat with four people on it she couldn't have been being that careful. RIP to those lost; horrible thing to happen, let alone happen while you're trying to reduce the heat with some summer fun.

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Smith, any powered watercraft needs a license. It's about 100,000 yen to take the test. Many people driving a jet ski for the first time will not be licensed. Tragic accident RIP boys.

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The owner of the jet ski should also be charged for negligence. My feelings go out to the family of the poor boys.

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That poor family and community. I'm guessing the kids didn't have lifejackets on.

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randomnator: "Smith, any powered watercraft needs a license. It's about 100,000 yen to take the test. Many people driving a jet ski for the first time will not be licensed."

Thanks for the info. Not surprised about the cost. In many countries, at least until recently, you didn't need a licence to operate a powered craft under a certain engine size. Also, scooter licensing seems to cheap and frivolous by comparison to that of a regular driver's license that I wasn't sure how jet skis fit in. In any case, thanks for informing me.

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Tragic. I have seen people riding these jet skis in incredibly dangerous and obnoxious ways here (think biker gang idiots only on water) and can`t stand the things. Not sure what the cause was in this case, but if the authorities crack down on them in a serious way to prevent this sort of thing happening again it would be a welcome change.

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"I'm guessing the kids didn't have lifejackets on"

That would be a good guess...

Now, if you were to ask me if I would take myself, and my three kids aged ten and under, out in a rubber dinghy without a life jacket, you would get a very short answer.

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I have seen people riding these jet skis in incredibly dangerous and obnoxious ways here

I know, particularly in lakes and rivers. A lot of jet skiers ride into swimming areas with complete disregard for the swimmers. I am sure there are more accidents that happen and just don't see in the news.

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Some jet skiers are quite reckless, so far I have seen.

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I like the reporting "Japanese-Brazilian" very direct!

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How do we know they weren't Brazilian-Japanese?

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sensei258 at Jun. 13, 2016 - 10:57PM JST "How do we know they weren't Brazilian-Japanese?"

Japanese media reported all involved as having Brazilian citizenship.

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I've never seem on rivers. I imagine they're especially dangerous in that kind of environment.

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Very sad story RIP little ones..One bad decision and things can turn bad really fast..

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You need a license. Last summer I had 6 near death experiences from jet ski and wakeboard boats. I went to the police and they told me that unless I die, they can't do anything. They said contact the local prefectural office. I tried but gave up as there is some department to department to department to department process. The good point is, you can be very drunk as a fish, sun stroked and hop on a very very powerful machine...and do what you like. I'm sorry for the family. It almost happened to me.

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