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2 dead, including police officer, after man attacks Toyama police box


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Again ???

How many random attacks does it makes since last week ??? Unbelievable !!

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Good grief. I wonder if it's terrorism?

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I know the usual suspect(s) will jump on me and say 'but it happens in other countries too', but really, what is going on in japan these days??

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What is happening to Japan? It's becoming...like the west...

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CochiseToday 05:14 pm JST

I know the usual suspect(s) will jump on me and say 'but it happens in other countries too', but really, what is going on in japan these days??

Good question - possibly just a random incident or the underlying problems that have been pushed aside are starting to come to the surface

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Summer in the city really brings out the loons in Japan. Possibly, just possibly, Japan is actually not the safe country they keep bragging about.

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That’s crazy. Yup, blame it on the heat.

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there seems to be at least one stabbing a day now, plus the murders within families and steady stream of child abuse.

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The lack of crime here is to blame, The police officer couldn't react fast enough because he didn't have the experience in these situations and now another person is dead. When some weirdo comes at you with a knife or storms the police box he should've shot the guy then and there and would have full support of the law afterwards as drawing a firearm is permitted to prevent imminent and otherwise unavoidable danger of death or grave bodily harm to the innocent. Too slow to assess the situation and react.

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How did the police officer not react fast enough and dispose of the assailant?

Also why was one police officer running away yelling about a shooting instead of taking out the suspect?

2 ( +9 / -7 )

Vince and Johnny

Nobody said anything about hand speed or the police being incompetent. Did you not read the article?

He stormed in and stabbed the officer to death. Your silly assumptions actually have nothing to do with what was written. Obviously he didnt allow himself to be killed willingly. May he RIP.

-3 ( +7 / -10 )

Im betting he couldnt get a job or live up to social expectations and the pressure made him pop, or a otaku magna nut or both. RIP victims hope the perp doesnt make it save us some taxes-cold but just.

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Quote: "Police said he had many weapons with him." Hmmm... can't find any references elsewhere to that. Anyone have a link?

He appeared with a Nata (billhook) apparently, which must be similar to the Nata used on the Shinkansen the other day.

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oh come on, once one crosses the line and decides to kill there is no turning back, that person's eyes would show something isn't right and alarm bells should ring, it's the body's natural defense mechanism. When a tree is falling on you, your natural defense mechanism tells you to get out of the way. Those who hesitate lose.

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This is a clear example of why it is good that so very few guns are available in Japan. He probably went to the Police Box to acquire the gun.... once he got it he went and used it. Now... if he was in the USA, he could have been purchasing various weapons for years and could also have become very proficient in their usage. This is the perfect example of a "loose screw", that was not able to fulfill his demented plans because he didn't easily have access to weapons.

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Good on the cop that went and got this guy.

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Two dead (RIP) the perp swings

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How did the loon get the cop’s gun? All the ones I’ve seen are attached to their belts with a lanyard.

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Most japanese cops or otherwise would react in self denial initially because it has always been a very safe society compared to other countries. There is a pattern here though and it appears that the few discontent resort to violence because no one cares or reacts to their frustrations or concerns,etc !

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The secure and supreme days of Japan being a safe country is slowly wildling away.

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@Bass - Having lived here 20 years I would still take any city in Japan over any American city when it comes to safety and crime.

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No one can deny something seriously wrong is happening in Japanese society. These incidents are happening with frightening regularity the past year.

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@oldman - I think your statement can be extrapolated to most of the world actually.

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Having lived here 20 years I would still take any city in Japan over any American city when it comes to safety and crime.

I understand. Depends on where you live. I like Japan, I have two homes and I ping pong between the two a lot, but deep down inside I feel more at home in the States and feel quite safe where I live.

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@Bass - if we are talking about cities it does not depend on where you live. The differences in crime statistics are quite dramatic actually. The U.S. far more dangerous.

If you are living somewhere in the country in the U.S. then statistics could possibly state otherwise.

I am not really emotional about this (I am an American and this type of thing certainly brings me no joy) I just look at the numbers. Even looking at the trend there is really no comparison.

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Been saying for the past few years that the idea of Japan being 'safe' is a complete illusion.. like clockwork there are random attacks , like every 2 or 3 days now, crazy people going nuts and stabbing at random.

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I think with the daily stabbings we see daily in the news now, it can be said that if someone wants to kill someone, they will use anything they can to achieve their goals.

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What concerns me the most, is that he was a former member of Japans Self Defence Force.

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Problem for me is more about meaningless crime where someone in a supposedly safe area (like in a koban perhaps) gets killed for no reason.

Crime where you know can happen means safe in other places in my country.

Not much in Japan where your mother, your brother or a former GSDF member can kill you without any warning. That is just scary and so traumatic.

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Not much in Japan where your mother, your brother or a former GSDF member can kill you without any warning.

You can be killed in any country by your mother, brother, father, or some random loony. As far as getting stabbed by a random loony, it's a lot less likely in Japan than in other countries.

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And right on que come the ones in wilful denial with their 'its still safer than the US', etc etc.

the point is japan is clearly becoming a more violent and dangerous place to live and we're wondering why?

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Back doors to police boxes should be secured so officers on duty cannot be ambushed.

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Japan is no longer a safe country.

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By "safe" you mean crime free? Good luck finding that utopian country with has not and will never exist.

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The solution, of course, is moar guns

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It is strange that an experienced police could not defend himself against a young man with a knife. I thought all officers were trained in the martial arts. Also, why was the back door left unlocked?

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So... what this man a deranged criminal to begin with - or did he only become one after he acquired a gun?

There are many bigots in the United States who believe people never become criminals until after they get a gun.... not a knife, a bomb, an axe, or even a heavy piece if wood- no, they only become violent criminals when they get a gun.

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Japan oday has been gathering many Japanese experts who are not familiar with Japan's circumstances.


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