2 ex-Japan bureaucrats found guilty of COVID subsidy fraud


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Suspended sentences for a $136,000 theft in Japan, whose justice system is normally among the harshest. Sweet!

Bureaucrats are pressured to retire at 55 but normally don't get their pensions til 65. They gotta figure out a way to make money during these lean years.

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fraud in Japan?

how rare……..

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I have heard of people doing jail time for shoplifting.Yet these guys get off ? I would like to say I’m shocked but I’m not

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It’s lunchtime! Two ‘small fish’ served up to the public so the ‘bigger fish’ can quietly swim away ? (Works for the yaks ; )

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""dummy companies that they had established.""

So typical of most crooks, glad to see them in jail.

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A suspended sentence?

So basically let off without punishment? Nice! Did they let them keep the cash?

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