2 Ginza bar employees held over club owner's murder


A male and female employee of a Ginza “girls bar” have been arrested in connection with the murder of the club owner, police said Thursday. The owner, 41-year-old Kiyoto Takeda, was found bleeding badly from the head on Tuesday and died in the hospital a short time later.

According to NTV, the employees, 37-year-old Takayoshi Inabe and 21-year-old Shino Matsushima, had apparently disappeared shortly after the owner was attacked, prompting police to consider them as suspects. Upon their arrest, Inabe and Matsushima told police they had gotten into an argument with the owner about compensation. Inabe reportedly told police he hit Takeda with a hammer, NTV reported.

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Always 2 there are. A Master and an Apprentice. Shady business. He should've known better.

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Hit in the head with a hammer? Ouch. Never get into an argument with a guy over money when he's holding a hammer.

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Male employees in "girls bar". If I was a paying customer and one of the girls was a man, I would ask for compensation too.

-2 ( +2 / -4 )

I hope the money amount in question, was worth killing somebody over. What morons!

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I guess any chance of getting compensation now, is out of the question

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throw in a love triangle and this is your movie-of-the-week.

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A hammerhead? Hope the culprits are punished severely.

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Hostess bars - everything about them is seedy. Just stay away from them and you'll be fine.

-1 ( +2 / -3 )

^^ This is true, not to mention that they are rife with Yakuza trash. I don't even think they would allow a person like me in one of those places.

Nice avatar tokyokawasaki. I must say. : D

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Girls Bar?? No idea what is a so called Girls Bar, only girls go to these bars?? Anyway, RIP dead guy there in Ginza.

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"Hammer Time" in Ginza?

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This nimrod should have hit himself on the head ,He confessed and Now the headache is about 20 yrs. long!Girls Bar is code for "Daughters of Sappho",Or Dyke Shop!

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When you father told you to hammer out an agreement, that was NOT what he meant!

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So why was there a hammer in a "girl's bar". And what is that, exactly? A bar for girls that's loaded with male "hosts", or your traditional "hostess" bar loaded with girl "hostesses" and catering primarily to male customers.

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