2 high school students sent to prosecutors for shoving shopping carts down mall escalator


Police in Tokyo have sent papers on two 17-year-old high school students to prosecutors after they intentionally shoved two shopping carts down an escalator at a shopping mall in January. One of the carts hit and injured a woman.

The boys, who told police they did it as a prank, shoved the carts at two different times down the escalator at the Aeon Itabashi Shopping Center in Tokyo’s Itabashi Ward, Fuji TV reported. One of the boys posted a video of the second incident on the video-sharing app TikTok.

The two boys later apologized to Aeon officials shopping mall and turned themselves in to police after the video went viral. They told police they were just having fun and didn’t mean to hurt anyone or cause any damage.

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Numb nuts, what were they thinking.

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Young people can do very foolish actions without thinking about the consequences.

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Will this location go on the “Website maps complaints of neighborhoods with noisy children“ in Today’s National section. - (Probably not. Corporate attorneys will shut that down quick.)

Yes. ‘Minors’ identities are to be protected. ‘Adult crimes’ by 18+ years olds should not be.

Btw: nice ‘cut & paste’ - (Please use italics if you’re quoting someone else.) And, Thanks for you ceaseless diligence. Now, please go advocate for children, as well. Thanks.

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All for the "VIEWS".

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Juvenile recidivism had been on the increase in Japan for a number of years.

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Bit old for that sort of caper.

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Had they simply "pushed" the carts I could have dismissed it as a prank, but these animals "shoved" them.

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It's mentioned in passing, but this sounds like a prank performed with the express purpose of sharing on social media. It's one thing for kids to do daft things because they are young and another thing altogther for kids or adults to film planned stunts for kudos or possible commercial gain on Tiktok etc.

The authorities should get the word out that anything filmed, bullying included, will be treated far far more severely. If a camera is out, it is not a rush of blood or the spur of the moment.

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The worst part about being a budding social reprobate and under 21 is that the "I was drunk and don't remember" line will only get you in more trouble.

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Well, not the worst of what minors do, but deserves a good deal of time doing community service, I'd say, plus working off any costs done in damage, and compensation to the woman who was injured.

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Why is this evwn news worthy stuff? They're minors, they apologized and moved on! So what? Yes it was stupid of them and rather reckless.

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The two boys later apologized to Aeon officials shopping mall and turned themselves in to police

Pretty foolish behavior that could have caused serious injury. Thankfully they did the right thing by turning themselves in an apologizing. Hopefully a good lesson learned.

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Someone, especially an elderly person, could have died. If they disagree, they should try standing in the middle of the escalators.

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Get jobs............that's it. Get jobs.

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If these boys had jobs working in the mall, or any job really, I doubt they would have done this. It seems that many youth in Japan have no sense of responsibility. This type of crime in the US or Canada is typically done by 12 or 13 year olds, not 17 year olds. Not saying teens don't do stupid things in other countries, but this crime just seems reeeeally immature. I'd have them do some community service, maybe do some cleaning in the mall, but charging them and having their lives destroyed (which is the Japanese way apparently) isn't the best way of rehabilitation.

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Get jobs............that's it. Get jobs.

@shogun36 OK, but you please be the first customer in line to be served by

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Why on earth are people talking about jobs? They're still at school.

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Did the also tell the police that they are IDIOTS too??

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