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Japanese, Korean arrested in S Korea for gold smuggling


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Who would have thought there would be money to be made taking gold to Korea?

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Fukuoka, the city where I live is the centered-spot black market of this gold smuggling to deal with. I geographically understand why Fukuoka is spotted to those smugglers.

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What is the name of the "Japanese man", e.g. is he actually a Zainichi Korean? Was the gold ultimately heading to North Korea?

NK is under heavy economic sanctions and operates vast systems of illegal enterprises and smuggling in Japan and around the world. For example, there was another case not so long ago of a North Korean diplomat with $1.4 Million in gold stopped in Bangladesh. Elsewhere it was reported as a "Hong Kong ring" but whose ring?

More colorful were reports of 51 male and female South Koreans are arrested for smuggling 2 tonnes of gold nuggets worth £77million in their rectums and vaginas

And, no, I don't make this stuff up.

There's a 15% tax on gold in ROK that makes it worthwhile to try smuggling in golden butt plugs and dildos.

Funny to think it might end up as a wedding ring afterwards though.

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How on earth did they get through the body scans?

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nandakandamana, easily it seems.

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