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2 indicted for robbery and murder of 90-year-old Tokyo woman


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Vermin, preying on the weakest members of society for monetary gain.

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90 year old woman, hands tied and head bleeding, and the charge is "robbery resulting in death"?

Why be so lenient on these two ogres?

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How is ‘robbery resulting in death’ one charge? Robbery is one charge and murder is another. This violent murder should see them facing the death penalty. Hopefully the cops will round up the rest of the gang as well.

2 ( +2 / -0 )

Robbing someone is one thing, but robbing and Killing a defenseless 90 yo women is and act of an EVIL, I hope the courts will hand them Maximum penalty on books.

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Why is 19 a juvenile when the LDP can let you vote at 18? To be 18 and to vote is part of becoming an adult, so be it for crimes.

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They should execute the whole lot.

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Sounds like the old I’d being targeted since the Ukraine inflation in Japan. People are desperate for money as the gas, food, electricity prices hikes are becoming unbearable

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No reason to rob and murder anyone hard earned money. What is really happening?

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It's obvious these men have no respect for life, for the law, and no compassion whatsoever for others. They have no fear of God, no morals, and no fear/respect for life or for the law. With beliefs like that, they would most certainly strike again, so I think they are actually very dangerous.

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This toxic pair should be locked-up for life with no parole - they, and the rest of the gang, should be excised from society like a cancer, they will not be missed, and the rest of the community will be able to breathe a collective sigh of relief.

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I hope the cops tune those guys up good back at the station.

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