Japan tried to get Algerian gov't to abort rescue mission


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“The fact is that there is no certain information at this point,” he said.

But we keep getting fresh articles on the subject. Better to wait for real information as the drip of rumours is really unfair to relatives and friends.

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The Japanese government held another cabinet-level meeting to coordinate its response to events in North Africa.

Isn't this political talk for ; as in what to say in it's press release?

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RIP to all the victims of these cowardly terrorists. Even though Abe possibly wanted to do a deal with Al Qaida - in the long-run, no surrender and no negotiations are the way to go. I support the French and their aim to crush islamists in the region.

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Not well done...SAS,ST6 or Delta should have done the job.

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Sorry Japan, but in this war on Terrorism there is absolutely NO giving in to the demands of terrorists.

JGC should have been more vigilant of the situation in the area. They should have issued warnings to all it's employees and provided more protective services.

Algeria's government is not a fault for their operation. Anyone on a tactical mission will tell you it's nothing like what you see in the movies. There is confusion, bullets ricochet, people run, they caught in the crossfire.

Japan's number one flaw these days is that they think YOUR country is Japan's country. Lets politicians talk, that's what they are good at. But when there's a tactical operation they need to leave the room. Algeria's security forces have to focus on the problem at hand. Not on preferential treatment to terrorists because Japanese are present on the site.

Japanese hostages are valued the same as everybody else. No more, no less.

They did the same thing with Christchurch earthquake. Japanese officials asked New Zealand's EMT staff to search for Japanese MORE than their own residents.

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It is sad that the hostages have been killed, but these terrorist organizations need to be sent a very clear message that their demands will not be met.

As for the comments about international groups being enlisted for the storming, there is nothing to say the hostages would have fared any better if another group stormed the facility.

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It looks like the Algerian armed forces just shot at anything that moved. I have to admit, that maybe a seal or sas team would've been better but then they had to get permission which would take way too long and the hostages would be dead either way.

Its a tragic incident of which we unfortunately don't know enough details to judge. Feel sorry for the relatives of the victims.

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Headline is a little misleading if you didn't know they had already started and botched the rescue mission before any other heads of state new what was going on.

And while it's very easy for Abe to say 'Put the people's lives first', what was his suggestion on how to do so? Let the Islamists escape with them back over the border in Mali? Throw a bunch of money at them and hope for the best? Abe is and was speaking after the fact, and unless he can suggest some other way it could and should have been done I don't see what the 'strong protest' against what already happened will accomplish except score political points back home.

The Algerian government could have done a better job by coordinating on the ground better, instead of just shooting up trucks which probably contained hostages, but again I'm wondering what Abe suggests would have been better instead of them going in.

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Judging by the limited information released thuse far, it doesn't sound like anything more than a thoroughy botched operation. The Algerians screwed up, and screwed up big. Nations who had nationals among the hostages have every right to be angry at this debacle.

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Details on this incident are so sketchy that no one can say whether SAS, SBS, SEALS or anybody else could have done better. The Munich Olympic hostage crisis left all the Israeli athletes dead, The Entebbe Air France airline hijacking left 3 hostages dead along with 34 Ugandan soldiers and all the hijackers, the Tehran Embassy rescue mission resulted in a failed mission, the deaths of eight American servicemen, one Iranian civilian, and the destruction of two aircraft and no released hostages. It maybe easy to sit at your computer and say "should have done this" or "should have done that" but the plain truth that we still don't know what the situation on the ground was.

With regard to working in conflict areas or potentially hostile areas, everyone knows that there is a change of getting taken hostage. I have worked in many, Nigeria, Iraq, Indonesia, Philippines, you take your chances. Fortunately for us contract workers, the benefits usually out weigh the risks but some company employees are posted to these areas with little or no compensation for the danger........that's plain wrong.

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Abe has no right in telling Algeria what to do, Algeria needs to keep fighting against terrorists with everything it has and more!!!

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LFRA, nations send workers to make $$$ in messed up dangerous countries like this all the time, it kind of comes with the territory, so give Algeria a break!

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