2 Japanese men admit roles in killing of taxi driver in Cambodia


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"...he insisted had no murderous intent..."

You stab someone in rural Cambodia, the chance is pretty high the victim will die, at least from blood loss. It's not as if an ambulance is going to rush the scene within minutes.

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Ouch, prison time in Cambodia. They're not making it out alive

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I'm surprised there wasn't a Japanese media blackout of their names (and faces) as has happened before in some other criminal cases abroad.

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I'm surprised there wasn't a Japanese media blackout of their names (and faces) as has happened before in some other criminal cases abroad

dude, come on. get out of your anti-japan shell, and you'll see that the media always publishes the faces and names of japanese nationals who commit crimes abroad.  but if you have any links to this happening, please give us a link.

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@nakanoguy01 Are you asking for a link to a media black out? I think what you should be asking for are names and cases.

Anyway, talk about a dearth of information. Was there some sort of motive established? Why would two Japanese guys go all the way to Cambodia to conspire to murder a seemingly random taxi driver? Seems far more likely there was some sort of on the spot argument.

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No murderous intent after conspiring about it, right.

What did he said during the hearing? "No sir I didn't intent to kill him. I just want to know if people living in Cambodia bleed the same like the rest of the world when fatally stabbed"?

Killing and then lying to defend yourself, what a scumbag.

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His friend Reimon Ishida, 23, a former Japan Ground Self-Defense Force member, conspired with him in the incident that took place in Puok district, about 18 kilometers from Siem Reap city.

I find it disturbing that he was a former member of Japans Ground Self-Defence Force.

Self control is essential in any armed force, and members should be trained self-control and restraint.

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@Norman - It’s a strange case, I read about it in a Cambodian newspaper.

The two men owed ¥4,000,000 to someone so decided to steal an SUV, this taxi and use it to commit further unspecified crimes. After killing the taxi driver (they claim this was unintentional) which was seen by a witness, they drove 300 yards up the road and rear-ended a truck then were apprehended.

It is a bizarre story.

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The Japanese embassy is supporting the widow ( with 4 kids) with a small stipend, but not enough to live on. It is probably feasible to send a donation to the embassy so that they can bundle it and pass it on.

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What's a bunch of fools. Hope they rot over there

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Personally speaking, I hope these two insects never make it back to Japan alive.

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I have never met combodian bad guy, to me they are nice people.

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