2 Japanese tourists murdered in Philippines, police say


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This reeks murder-for-hire by members of a Japanese syndicate.

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Sad. Now matter the cause, this is not good for Philippines.

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Palawan has been voted the world's best island for the second time in a row by Travel and Leisure magazine.

I hope this incident not scare the Japanese away.

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Dutertes anarchy

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I've only been to Manila/Luzon and loved the people, culture and low prices. I really wanted to return to the Philippines and check out the islands and beaches I hear so much about. With the increase though of tourists being plucked off resorts and extremism, I think I will wait a little while.

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There must be a lot more yo this. It does not seem like a random murder. They must been into something dirty that got them killed.

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From the description of the killing (execution style) and difference in ages of the 2 men it sure sounds like these 2 guys were whacked out for some reason. Sounds like a professional hit

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I have lived there and been there many times. You take your life into your own hands when you visit a Banana Republic that is so poor that murders and assassinations are purchasable for 2000 Yen.

If you give them a chance and they isolate you, the chances for you to get away are slim and none.

You want a cheap vacation stay home!

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Something no right here at all in this story..sounds like a planned hit.

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look like holiday in iraq is safer ....

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Spent a couple of months on Palawan, and cruised those islands. So so very beautiful and people so friendly. Even in the Muslim south, where locals invited me into their houses to drink alcohol so as to not offend people.

@docarlos I can understand what you say, but I wouldn't go so far as to say, stay home. Just you have to be aware of your environment. It took me two or three days before I got the courage to venture out of my Manila hotel more than two blocks, but after that I enjoyed that vibrant and fun city.

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I'm sure most people are aware of the Davao death squads. I have a feeling this is connected to the same kind of retribution.

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Anyone in their "right mind" should never visit these odd ball areas of the World only trouble awaits them!

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Looks like it was a planned hit. Again.

"Police investigators are also looking for another Japanese national Hiroyuki Nagaham, a businessman with work address in Barangay San Manuel, Puerto Princesa City, who allegedly ordered the killing."

Read more:

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Pretty brutal if true. But If the two boat drivers saw everything happening, wouldn't they of called it in on their cell phones or radios immediately and not wait till later to speak to the police?

"Even in the Muslim south, where locals invited me into their houses to drink alcohol so as to not offend people."

(I know this is a little off topic, but please allow this moderators because it is important.)

So they themselves drink alcohol or just provide it to their guests? Do they eat or serve pork as well? Do you know what denomination of Islam they practice? Could you give me a village or a region besides just South?

Stuff like this facinates me. Other Muslims will punish for the slightest deviation of the faith or even foreigners giving them no leeway. (No different than Christianity back in the day.) While other Muslims are kind and great at being hosts. (Just as some Christians are.)

I have heard of them inviting (some times more than one family at the same time) foreigners into their homes. But when all you hear about is Daesh and their ilk- the softer, more understanding and kinder side of Islam is lost on everyone.

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Quick question of word usage. Do we really say boat 'drivers'? Anyway, it sounds like a small boat, so they should be in on it too, I would guess.

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Not sure confusing data.

2 drivers would indicate a large vessel.

Extra people would inticate various stops, consistant with an island hopper.

How do people/staff know where they were shot and dismembered?

Witnessed it, guided cops to location but no reports to being found

Why no reports to them being lost, hence hotel reported them as missing next day.

Something smells and it ain't the Fish.

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There are now more professional assassins there now that assassination of drug addicts and traffickers are allowed - one could hire them as hitmen-for-hire

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Just got back from there a week and a half ago. Did the boat tours and Island hopping. There are so many boats is crazy. For this to have happened without anyone seeing or reporting, this had to be a private tour, where two people can rent a boat to themselves. So surreal!

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Jesus, that is brutal. If this was a random murder, there will likely be grave consequences for tourism there

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Why are some people here assuming this has something to do with Duterte? As a guy who lived in the Philippines for years, this is unfortunately not uncommon even in the pre-Duterte years. I remember there were Western tourists being kidnapped by local Islamic militants who road a boat to a touristy area in Palawan from Basilan or Tawi-tawi or Sulu (somewhere in the southwest of Mindanao) . I wouldn't even be surprised if the boat crew that these Japanese tourists hired were somehow responsible, kind of like how the driver of a bus filled with Hong Kong tourist was also responsible for that hostage situation in Manila about 7 years ago.

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about the two boat drivers thing. the boats are small and can take 10-20 people. they take turns "driving" and when they stop on some islands, they cook lunch. really recommend doing these trips.

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Been to the islands multiple times.. locals are super friendly and will not do anything to hurt the tourism.

This is clearly a hit, ordered job and both were clearly not just tourists.

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@Canadianbento: Yeah, because such things only happen in that part of the world and nowhere else.

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The coast guard spokesman said the suspects reported the location of the crime to the police and admitted that they first shot the two men dead and later chopped their bodies and threw the pieces into the sea. They also admitted to sinking the boat before leaving for Coron town, Palawan, on 30 May, ABS-CBN News wrote.

"We have yet to find the bodies of the victims to check the veracity of their confessions," Zamora said. The Philippines Task Force is reportedly scouring the sea to retrieve the bodies of the victims.

Meanwhile, investigators have summoned another Japanese national, Hiroyuki Nagaham, for interrogation. The man - a businessman from Puerto Princesa City - is accused of masterminding the killings. Three other accomplices have also been identified, police reportedly said.

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