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2 Japanese wanted for murder in Thailand detained in Laos


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Another Criminal from Japan? Japanese Lufy in Philippines wasn't the last one?

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Bring them and hang them..

-8 ( +3 / -11 )

Another Criminal from Japan? Japanese Lufy in Philippines wasn't the last one?

Criminals are from ALL countries..

2 ( +9 / -7 )


Criminals are from ALL countries..

Perhaps what you want to say, Japanese criminal began showing in many countries.

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AI is going to drive "fake news" and fake content to make it more difficult to know truth as opposed to designed disruptive perspectives. Unless some way is found to more easily determine AI generated over real content, the people of the world will face a future where misinformation is more plentiful than truth.

More uncertanty is not what we need right now. This is a potential disaster in the making. It will eventually be used to steal personal identities and money directly from bank accounts, drive more scams and destroy lives.

I am not a fan of this technology being introduced before adequate protections are firmly in place to protect everyone.

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Tokyoliving - they don’t hang death row prisoners in Thailand. They shoot them.

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Not your favourite “the gallows”.

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When was the crime committed?

Where in Thailand?

Which gang??

Not many facts…

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