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2 key Abe staff may have led decision to illegally cover dinner cost


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They’ve finally decided on who will be ‘taking responsibility’ for it then. Surprise surprise it’s not Abe.

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We already knew that the assistant would get framed and pay for it.

Nothing to see here, keep walking!

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Seems Abe has found their fall person. I hope they are well compensated for covering.

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Mr. Teflon would never have anything stick to him. But let's see if anything sticks to Suga, I don't think he is a slippery as his old boss was. Nonetheless, people don't really seem to care about this. I think more people are angry they didn't get invited and were able to take part in the largess.

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I believe that people are innocent until proven guilty however it sure seems like Abe / the administration are trying to cover this up.

Abe's office is suspected of discarding receipts issued by the hotels to the fund management organization, which is believed to have covered a shortfall of over 9 million yen, the sources said. No records of the payments were found in income and expenditure reports on political funds.

The obvious answer would be to get the receipts from the hotel using a court order/warrant. The hotels are required by law to keep these. Probably unlikely to happen as the LDP wields way too much power in Japan.

If this happened to any of us the presumption would be guilty until proven innocent.

Abe totally wasted my tax money on the stupid masks and the real cost of the masks was much higher. However this is worse as this is an issue of principal and trust. Unfortunately these values are lost on all politicians nearly everywhere these days.

I have Japanese friends and in laws who once supported Abe who have completely turned against him and the LDP and this is one of several reasons why.

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This begs the question: Why would anyone other than Abe try to hide the receipts?

12 ( +12 / -0 )

agree with all the above.

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3 words, bus-thrown-under

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Do Japanese (politicians) understand the term "obstruction of justice"? This charge ought to be the "icing" on the case. Lock 'em up!

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Completely agree with GW.

That is the way it works and it won’t change.

that does not mean we have to condone it but it is the Japanese people only who can put a stop to this. If they choose to continue this, then they have to take the consequences. And the do. Waiting for a politician with a sense of honour, courage or self respect could take a ver long time

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LDP has servants, ordinary people have masters. And a whole lot less cash.

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Fish rot from the head.

Executive accountability, please.

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Anybody who has lived here for a while should NOT be surprised at this AT ALL, I have watched this EXACT scenario played out so many times I have lost count!!

Please note these political groups are SPECIFICALLY designed so the secretaries fall on the sword, see below:

Japan's political funds control law stipulates that the person in charge of accounting is responsible for recording all income and expenditure in reports on political funds. As such, Abe's criminal liability would extend only to negligence in the assignment and supervision of his accountant.

Do NOT worry about these ""poor"" secretaries they KNOW when taking the ""job"" that they may be called to fall on the sword for their LDP masters, again do not worry these people are highly compensated for doing so at later dates through appointments, amakudari & the usual brown envelopes!!!

This scenario will continue unabated in the institutional corrupt country we all live in Japan!!!

8 ( +8 / -0 )

Fall on the sword for your leader.

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The scandal, which centers on functions hosted by a supporters' group for Abe from 2013 to 2019, could be a potential blow to Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga as he served as chief cabinet secretary under Abe, the longest-serving Japanese leader, before taking office in September.

Sakura , Moritomo and Kakei were not a blow to the chief culprit, how is this going to be even felt like a light breeze by Suda not to talk of a blow. The people are not even interested, they voted for Abe and his LDP even with the myriads of Scandals by him and his cabinet picks. A bit of editorial analysis and perspective is necessary in articles.

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I sense a suicide or two coming...

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Yeah, sure thing Mr.Abe.

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How quickly they found a couple of escape goats to cover Abe's arse! Disgusting!!!

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In China, the party like this is everyday at the provincial level.

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Abe escapes justice again!!

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If the cases even managed to go to trial, an unlikely event; it would probaby be a first offence; then you should expect a lot of sorrimasens and a deep contrite bow; resulting in a token fine, and a suspended sentence.

It happens all the time in politics here.

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Escape Goats...!

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Why is this considered news.....? An average of $38,400 for each dinner event. Maybe a little more than half is covered by the guests. So he spent a few thousand in pocket money/his fund's money to cover the cost. Big deal. Who cares?!

-8 ( +1 / -9 )

So much happening now and... still talking about these dinners?


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