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2 massage parlor employees injured by knife-wielding robber


Police in Tokyo said Monday they are looking for a man who robbed a massage parlor and injured two female employees with a knife.

A passerby in Bunkyo Ward’s Yushima district placed an emergency phone call at around 9 a.m. on Sunday, and said that “a woman covered in blood was standing outside a building,” Kyodo News reported.

According to police, a man wielding a knife barged into the massage parlor as the staff prepared to open for business. He threatened two masseuses, demanding they hand over cash. He then slashed them with the knife before fleeing with cash and their handbags.

The victims were taken to hospital to be treated for cuts to their necks.

The suspect is described as being a chubby man in his 20s to 30s, 170 centimeters tall and was wearing an orange coat.

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@Yubaru.... "silly to assume otherwise". Just trying to have a little fun with it despite the idiot that committed the crime.

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Damn... this is just a terrible crime, and one without a happy ending.

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I’m sure that wearing an orange coat would enable the perp to be tracked down quickly

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Don’t do crime in Japan, full stop. Cameras everywhere, and even if you could possibly be innocent, after 48 hours you will confess. This guy will be caught in two weeks.

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Poor women have to suffer their injuries and lost their confidence to work in similar job, or run the business. Hopefully they can recover. This crime is very serious and it has life time impact for the injured women. I hope long term effects on women life would also be considered in his sentencing once he got caught.

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The truth is no matter what country you are in there is unnecessary violence. These women were just trying to make a living and some foolish person decided to rob these women instead of trying to work a job like everyone else. My prayers are to these women and anyone else that have to endure violence at the hands of cowards.

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Robbery can be the cover up, or just the secondary purpose to murder attempt. He cut the neck of women. It seems like a clear intention to kill the women. You would think that a thief would usually just run away after taking items.

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Hopefully the victims will recover physically and emotionally. With the way they are taught at a young age, Police Kobans scattered around, video cameras, etc how on earth could this ever occur in Japan which along with Taiwan is one of the safest countries in the world. Further, Japan especially Tokyo is relatively densely populated which means it would be much more difficult to commit a crime with witnesses virtually everywhere.

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SaikoPhysco, “Just trying to have a little fun with it.” Go for it! There's far too much gloom and despondency in the media. Good on you!

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Damn... this is just a terrible crime, and one without a happy ending.

Not all massage parlors offer them either. Silly to assume otherwise.

-9 ( +3 / -12 )

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