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2 men arrested over smuggling of drugs concealed in tabletops


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These two bumbling dropkicks would have made an absolute fortune with the Olympics coming up soon and all the associated partying. Now, its 15 years in the slammer at His Emperor's pleasure.

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They probably do this all the time.

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Probably if they wouldn't see the powder nothing would happen.

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Nothing other than a billiard table would weigh that much, and nobody in their right mind would pay to have a table of that weight sent air freight.

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gutsy to import drugs from UAE - bet this is a tried and trusted route and they just got unlucky this time due to sloppy workmanship.

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Why would anyone send a table from the UAE by air?

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Happens frequently on America's southern border: South Americans bake cocaine into plaster statuettes or pots and then refine it once it's been waived across. Doesn't fool the drug-sniffing dogs, though: they'll zero in in an instant. My guess is these tables were inspected by dogs, which brought their attention to their human handlers.

These dogs can also detect marijuana-infused edibles. Smuggle at your own risk.

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