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2 men arrested over fatal car crash in Aomori in September


Two men have been arrested over a four-car crash in Tsugaru, Aomori Prefecture, in September, in which four people were killed.

Police said Yuya Takasugi, 32, an association staff member from Tsugaru, has been charged with reckless driving resulting in death, and Yutaro Noro, 33, who was a passenger in Takasugi’s car, has also been arrested for allowing Takasugi to drive while knowing he was intoxicated, Fuji TV reported.

The accident occurred at around 1:05 a.m. on Sept 22, on National Route 101, while it was raining. The car driven by Takasugi rear-ended another car driven by Jun Hirofune, 43, accompanied by his wife Airi, 30. They were both killed. Takasugi's car then crossed the center line, colliding head-on with another vehicle driven by Haruji Yamada, 63, and carrying Kumiko Yamada, 46. They also died.

A third car ran into the vehicles, injuring its driver. The accident sent one vehicle off the road and into a field, and left another overturned and mangled, resulting in a total of four fatalities and four people injured.

Takasugi and Noro were among the four injured in the crash and police had been waiting for them to recover before questioning them. Police announced Monday that both men had been intoxicated at the time of the crash and that Takasugi was driving at 130 km/hour on a road where the speed limit was 50 km/hour.

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If there was ever a case to which the term "throw the book at them" aptly applies, this is it.

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“For these 2 SOBs... justice will be in prison when they are introduced to their 250lb cellmates.”

Regarding sentencing; it’ll be interesting to see what they get. Someone was remarking here the other day how lightly vehicular manslaughter seems to be treated.

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Where is the justice in this world?

For these 2 SOBs... justice will be in prison when they are introduced to their 250lb cellmates.


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I saw on the news yesterday, those cars are really mangled those two need to go away for a very long time

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Scum. Subhuman scum.

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